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Jan 02, 2013

Wow, I can't believe it's been over 3 1/2 years since I had my lapband. And I can't believe the note I left it with. I have been thru so much since then, but now I am back to where I was when I wrote that blog! After writing that, I did get a new surgeon, in the same practice as my old one, but totally different. And I started working with the Physicians assistant, Melissa. She totally understood everything I said to her and she knew much more how to manage a lapband than the idiot surgeon who installed it!

Now I am waiting for insurance to have a revision into an RNY. I hope it is accepted! I am excited and also scared and just starting my research into RNY. I could also maybe have a sleeve, but Dr Laguna thinks I may not be a good candidate with my esophagus having high pressure. I was supposed to get a test for that but the MNGI kept losing my referral and now I am thinking I will just go to the RNY. At least I know that will work.

I have lost 55 lbs with the lapband. Much of that was not from good eating, but from not being able to eat solids at all. Then I quit losing and started gaining. I have gained back 10 lbs now. My lapband now is wide open, as that is the only way I can eat with it. So, it's pretty much like not having anything. And honestly, the lapband did not ever work the way it was supposed to work on me. Only after surgery, when my stomach was swollen, was my hunger dampened.

I am ready to move on and can't wait! It always takes so long!


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