Had surgery a week ago! Yeah!

May 02, 2013

Well, alot has happened since I wrote my blog. I had to gain weight on purpose to get my BMI up to 35 and in the process my sleep apnea came back. I have been miserable all tax season. I had surgery on April 19, 2013. I am a week and a half out and have lost around 8 lbs already. I am again under 200. I got up to around 210 at my highest this time. 

I am feeling very weak and light of head, I think it is more from my pain meds I can't take anymore than the surgery. It is scaring me and I hope it goes away soon. I think I am in withdrawal from the morphine I was taking for 15 years and the patch works different and maybe not as well. I am still very unsure of what to do about my pain management. I hope I get that straightened out soon. I want to be off as much as I can. 

Keeping track of the vitamins and food and water now!!!!


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