Luis E. Laguna

"I had lapband surgery with a different surgeon in this group. I have always been extremely pleased with the staff of the clinic. But my surgeon was a terrible experience. He yelled at me right before surgery and had a temper loss. That was Dr Benn. After months of trying to work with Dr Benn, I was making a formal complaint and it was suggested that I try Dr Laguna. I have been with him since. That was over 3 years ago. I have a lapband and it has not been a success for me. I did lose my weight, but often unable to eat solids. I never could get enough saline in the band to make it work the way it was supposed to. Now, after working with Dr Laguna and Melissa, PA, I am having a revision surgery to an RNY bypass. Dr Laguna will do the revision. I have all the confidence in him as a surgeon. He has great social skills and is not at all defensive or insecure. He is very easy going and will answer questions. He actually enjoys humans I think. Some surgeons are great technicians, but they aren't good with awake humans. Dr Laguna is great. With lapband there is much more ongoing relationship than with typical surgeons. I highly recommend Dr Laguna! He is honest and direct in explaining all the pro's and con's of surgery. "

Paul Benn

" I first thought he was very professional and experienced. The clinic is very professional and aftercare was wonderful. They have been kind and available. The aftercare program is very detailed and all questions were answered by the clinic staff.I felt very prepared throughout my surgery and aftercare.rn Since I have had some difficulties with my lapband, my experience with the doctor has changed. I feel disrespected, not heard with regard to symptoms, my questions have been answered curtly, as if I am too much trouble. rn I am a strong believer in the teamwork approach to physician/patient relationship, with questions answered by the doctor and where the patient is respected as a valid member of the team. With lapband, surgical competence is important, of course, but it is important to feel you can communicate well with your surgeon because it is a long term relationship. You need fills and sometimes unfills over the years. You need someone you can communicate clearly with and you feel listens with an open mind. rn I didn't think about the long term nature of the relationship when I had my surgery and chose a surgeon. "
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