January 4, 2010

Jan 03, 2010

A new year.  Lots of people responding to my post about the lower body lift.  Most are concerned about my food intake and enough protein.  I guess I need to address that----not sure what will happen post-surgery because I have to MAKE myself eat not.  If I have pain and nausea after surgery, will I want to take anything in at all?

My friend Claudette is suicidal and I think she may accidentally kill herself before this is all over.  I am trying to accept that.  Her family just doesn't see it--maybe they don't want to.  I don't know. 

Now I face a new year.  Bill is not working full-time but he seems happier than last year.  Maybe he will be okay if he doesn't find another job.  Maybe we both will----I try really HARD not resent coming to work.  Most of the time I am okay but wish he would do more at home.  Then I realize that what is going undone is not that important anyway---cleaning carpets, floors, stuff that just needs done over and over anyway.  Dust can be ART!

So that is how I start the year: worried about my friend, feeling better about my husband, loving my cat and trying still to let my children fend for themselves.


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