Test after test ,fingerstick, insulin, metformin, Actos and a thyroid problem on top of that -I have become a human pin cushion and pill popper and the old age of 30!!!!!!!! I have decided to have the lap band procedure. A tough decision but if i want to have a shot a having a future and living till I am 100 yrs old -I have to make some tough decisions. I am a whopping 300 lbs affectionally know as 3 tons of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol. I ate taking my medication but if i don't i will find myself in a very bad situation like the hospital or dead-neither one i prefer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
I am a NEW YORKER-home of the best food in the world also the most fattening. For as long as I can remember I have love food....then again who doesn't!! Growing up has a kid i was the chubby one, bigger then all the kids in my class and that trend continue into adulthood. Now I am at the point were i have to make a choose be a diabetic for life or have a piece of plastic around my belly to help me control my HUGANGUS APPETITE. After a long debate and back and forth I am in the process of doing all the fun experiments that need to be done prior to surgery. I like to call them insurance hoops because i have to jump through them in order for my insurance to foot the bill!!!!!!!!!!! Right now I am on a MD supervised weight loss plan for the next 6 months come 4/2/08 it will be my 3 month into this plan. I still have to meet with the psychiatrist to make sure that I am not a lunatic!!!!! I can be quite nutty sometimes-lol!!!!!!!!!! I also have to see the nutritionist and do a stress test (which I can't wait to see my huge butt running on the treadmill!) Considering the only thing I every an for was student council president back in elementary school! But I have to do what I have to do. Well enough about me -let me tell you a little bit more about myself-lol...no not conceded just love laugh. I stand a 5 feet 3 inches and a half (that half is very important to the vertically challenged) I love to sleep, eat, watch t.v basically all the main ingredients that make up a couch potato. I not going to lie physical activity for me consist of going to the bathroom and back to the couch!!!!!!!!!! in a nut shell I AM A LAZY SACK OF THICKNESS! lol! I know I have to make some changes or i will be doomed even after the lap band. I joined my local YMCA-I have gone a total of 3 times-that includes the time i went to sign up. I am basically paying $48 a month to not go to the gym. That is really sad-really sad-I don't have money to waste but somehow i find some!!!!!!!! But I started this blog to hold myself account able for my actions.

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