Jul 30, 2009

Wow last time I blog was back in 10/2008-ok now it's July30,2009-wow 9 months later-well for those of you that may read a lot of these blogs-here is and update-Well I had Lap band surg on 1/28/09-thus far I have lost a total of 36 lbs-slowly but steady.   I have join a gym  and I am trying to go at least 3times a week but every time I look around I am going on vacation and away for weekends-so going to the gym can be tough-but I try and exercise every chance I get.   The eating is a hit or miss-when I do eat-I have a small healthy meal sometimes I don't eat at all-which is very weird to me-but most of the time I am not hungry-so I have a lite snack and leave it be.   Well got to go will blog again hopefully it won't be in another 9 months-LOL

Almost there!!!!!!!!!

Oct 29, 2008

 Well almost done with my testing-meeting with the nutritionist over the weekend! nervous and excited all at the same time! I had to fill out a 10 page questionnaire asking about my happy weight loss history and if I am ready to lose weight! I have been ready since the day I was born! I went to a WLS meeting last nite and I am so glad I went because the meeting help me answer questions I didn’t even realize I had! The person that was the speaker for the evening made a number of good points-and the major point that was stressed that I definitely intend on doing is that this process is all about ME. After I meet with the nutritionist I see the psychologist the following Monday. I am nearing a close to the end of my hoop jumping for my insurance. Hopefully after I see the last MD on Monday –I will get a tentative surgery date by weeks end. Well that is all for now-till next time.

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Almost there!!!!!!!!!