Thursday 21 Mile Run

May 06, 2010

Well all, today was awesome. I only got in 21 of my 40 goal. That really sucked but the AZ sun and heat exhaustion / dehydration set in and nothing I could do about it. That is the downfall of running ultra marathons not in a race setting. No aid station every mile really makes in challenging. I really started out too late. If I would have gotten out at 5am, I would have been done by 1 which is when the sun really starts to hit. My last 11 miles I had 126 oz of water, 2 tangerines, 1 orange, 2 spoons of salt, 5 sports legs tabs and still bonked. So there is nothing I could do about it. But here is the awesome part............

I was thinking about my running the past three weeks and how I had averaged 53 miles a week for those weeks and how I still looked at myself as a fat dude trying to run ultra marathons, Ironman, etc. I finally realized that I run about as much as anyone I know. When I'm swimming seriously, there is ony one dude that I personally know that swims more than me, my brother Dan. and when I cycled, I could pull centuries, long rides and maintain 20 + mph for hours on end and at 290lbs. Now I'm at 260 and dropping like crazy and probably 4 months away from hitting my goal weight. I finally realized that I am an ultra endurance athlete. I think today's run, I mentally set out for 40 but at 18 (before I became dehydrated) I had set out to do 50 because I felt awesome and I knew I could handle it. I think that speaks to my base and abilities.

So I finally put away the fat dude running races and I am considering myself as an endurance athlete. It feels good to get rid of that past and put my fitness into perspective today. If I can do all of these things at 260, I cannot imagine how strong I will be at 175. The future looks so bright and today's run was more than about getting in miles. It was the run that I needed to learn something about me. What a breakthrough day.


50 Mile Run, June Baby!!

May 04, 2010

Well it's official! I just mapped out my 50.22 mile run in Newport Beach, CA for next month. I realized that I would probably need some support crew on this run so my buddy Josh threw in his hat and agreed to MTB the run with me and be my support. That rocks.


The course has a max elevation of 600 feet so that makes it really easy on me. My main issue is going to be my Newtons. To date, my longest run in the Newtons was 29 miles. I followed that up with two other mid-distance runs and a 19 miler, all 59 miles within 7 days. My legs were fully recovered but the ball of my right foot and big toe hurt, so I need to evaluate if Newton's are going to be the answer for these ultra marathon runs. TBD on that.


Nutrition is awesome. I have ton's of energy, I have my water to electro drink ratios perfect and other than a small amount of lactic buildup that I get religiously round mile 20, I'm good to go. I actually got Sports Legs pills to see if that helps. I wanted to try that before I started pounding the salt. I really want to avoid dehydrating out and getting thirsty on the run, so I hope this is a good alternative.


I have a 39 mile prelude on the 28th of this month, which is 6 x 6.55 loops around my community. That will be a good gauge to see what issues present themselves on what I would consider my first long ultra marathon. Looking forward to the challenge and gearing up for that. Have a great month racing and training everyone.


19 Mile Mid-run.

May 01, 2010

Got in a solid 19 mile run this morning. Gearing up for a 31 mile run at the end of the month, so I needed to get in a mid-distance run today. I was so stoked that I was able to pull off such a solid run a week after my 28 miler last Saturday. I did run twice last week and felt great, so my recoveries for long run days of marathon distances and beyond are now like 1-3 days. That is really encouraging.

The run was going solid and then mile 16, I ran out of nutrition and water. I figured I'd just power through it and sure enough, mile 18 I flippin bonk! I had to just laugh as the progression began. Hip flexors lock up, calves and then feet. Was reduced to a walk with 100 yards to go. I figured it would happen so planning on it, I wasn't so surprised.

Got in my protein, carbs, stretched and now onto the honey-do-list. Looking forward to watching my brother come in at IMSG on the IM Live Coverage. Happy Saturday all.


Saturday Run Report 28 Miler Baby!

Apr 24, 2010

So man, talk about a day. I planned out my runs for the week and today was supposed to be 13.1. Well, I have a buddy that had only ran a 10K to date. He is athletic but didn't believe that nutrition in running was important. AND>>>> he didn't think that me being 265 lbs could run a marathon. He didn't realize that I could throw down those miles! So, I challenged him. I said you run 13.1 today and I'll run 26.2 (I should have put money down on it). He laughed.



Needless to say, I paced him at 2:43:29 for the 13.1 and then I ran the rest of my portion totalling 5:21:22. First really significan in my Newtons, so it was good to get after it. Funny, I actually set out for one more 6.55 loop to get in 31.55 and my wife drove after me 1 mile into it and yelled "you didn't mow the lawn, weed all the flower beds and cut the bushes back!" Ugh. I literally got 5 minutes of rest, 3 hours of yard work and an Icebath.

I feel incredible and it's nice to go on a long run and not have my legs feel shattered! My times are getting better and I decided during my run that I am going to do a marathon a month in preparation for the Rocky Racoon 100 miler. Now, If I can just find a way to drop 80lbs overnight, I might actually be quick!




First Quarter for 2010 in the books

Apr 13, 2010

So the first quarter is in the books for 2010 and it has been a terrific one for me. I am down over 30 lbs for the year so far and moving closer to my goals. My fitness level has increased, ran a marathon last month and planning on another one for May 29th. I decided I'd run a marathon every other month for this year to help gauge my progress as I lose weight.

This month, my focus is really on increasing my run times, increasing strength and speed in the pool and specific weight training in preparation of my new triathlon bike in the next couple of weeks.

One of the biggest changes to my diet has been moving to the Thrive Diet by Brenden Braizer. This is a diet that plant based and carbs to protein ratio are 4 to 1 but the carbs are 80% from plant based foods. So although I am increasing my carbs, I am able to keep caloric intake under control and good fuel sources for nutrition. I have lowered my caloric intake by 1/3 shifting to Thrive and my energy levels are off the charts. So the thought behind Thrive is that if something happens and I cannot exercise at the level of fitness I am at now, I won't have a spike in weight gain or loss in energy. I feel like I have complete control over my diet for the first time in a long time and couldn't be happier.

I have also joined a couple of support groups and making myself present at WLS evens / meetings. I am speaking at a seminar in June and look forward to my support meetings. I didn't make this a part of my life when I moved to Arizona, so attending these meetings has showed me how important relationships and knowledge from my peers are.

Life is great and enjoying the ride!


Training Update

Mar 19, 2010

Training has been going great the past week. Amongst having the flu I was able to get in two 10K's, and three swimming sessions. Last nights run I paced 5.3 mph and 8 sprint intervals for 2-3 minutes at 8mph. Also, lost another 6lbs this week.
My swim this week started rough but I have a new weight training specific program that I am working that is a 4 week lifting program. It is focused specifically on swimming muscle groups. Next four weeks will be cycling specific and the next four run specific.

Last nights swim:
500 m warmup.
800M w/ Leg boui and just arms
100M sprint
400M cooldown 

Hit the sauna for a few minutes, stretched and came home and hammered a peanut butter and 70 calorie orawheat sandwich, tangerine and 50 gram protein shake before bed. Today is weight training day and core workout. 

Goal for the next two weeks is to lose 6-7lbs per week so when my new bike comes, I'll be in the 250's. Started this year at 300lbs so yesterday at 272, was great to see. But more importantly my run time was increased. My head is solid and I really don't focus on what I look like but how I can increase my speed in all of my triathlon disciplines. I love it because it takes the pressure off of the mirror and put's it on my chrono watch! Happy Friday all. 

22km run on Saturday!  


Saturday Run

Mar 13, 2010

This morning was an absolutely beautiful morning. Last night started with a rough bought of pancreatitus. For those of you that don't know what this is, the doctors describe pancreatitus as appendecitus in the upper right torso. When you are having an attack, it can radiate to your back, cause shortness of breath and you are pretty much doubled over for a few days. In fact, if you are diagnosed with pancreatitus the treatment is typically an addmit into the hospital and an IV and Deloted (pain med) for anywhere from 4-7 days.

I am sharing this not as a pitty party but to help describe why I could have justified to myself to stay indoors this morning. Yoru mind is strange, if you say you will be happy today, most likely you will. If you think life is hard, it is and if you say that you are too sick to run, your body will respond in kind. So the mental struggle of getting up and running almost 11 miles today was a battle won.

The challenge with running with this is that pancreatitus treatment is basically fasting and liquid diet. I'm about 70 percent liquids for the rest of my life but when running and being big, you cannot take in enough nutrition to sustain your activity. So overall, today was a victory. I am pleased that I can come home from a run, stretch, shower, grab a protein drink and feel like I haven't even exercised at all. Life is great and couldn't be happier (except if I were 60lbs lighter... but that is coming shortly).

Happy Saturday.

Yesterday was a good day!

Mar 12, 2010

Yesterday was a good day. Ran 6.5 miles and had a time of 1:22:40 which is 15 minutes faster than my time from last Saturday. Tomorrow at 5:30am sharp I start my 13.1 mile run and I am hoping to come in with a time under 3 hours. Either way it's about getting the miles in more than the time. Another great day and another inch lost off the stomach!

Where I am at Today

Mar 08, 2010

Some interesting changes since November (my last post). It has been a struggle to say the least. Wrist surgery in Oct, Jan 2nd Stage Pancreatitus and the whopper, pre-cancer in the stomach in Feb. UGh!!!! However. I have so much to be thankful for. First off, my life has changed drastically from the pancreatitus. I am now about 70% liquid diet and learning to adjust to that. The pre-cancer is just that PRE! Thank goodness this was caught early and I now am working with my GI to monitor and make plans moving forward.

So all drama aside, life is terrific. My clear focus is quality time with my family and fitness. I have learned to make every day count with the family and have fallen in love with my wife and four kids all over again. I have also focused myself and began a strict training regiment. I am running a marathon which is four 6.3 mile loops in my community on the 27th of this month. I am also getting back in the pool and shortly back in the saddle on the bike in preparation for Ironman season in 2011.

Unfortunately all IM's are locked up for the season locally and 70.3's. I am currently registered for Louisville IM but I think the time committment for a full Ironman would be a drain on my family and I believe I need to be with them as much as possible. So I will be letting that one go and although the 70.3's are something aredo-able but none are available.

I am so thankful for life! Thankful for the opportunity to live it to the fullest and thankful for the chance to continue to change and grow. I am currently down 150lbs and have about 70 to go and I'll get there by August of this year. Thanks to all for your support and encouragement.


Gonna Be Better!

Nov 19, 2009

Well, May 23rd was my last post following IM Florida 70.3 and I have committed to use OH more. So here goes.

This past 6 months have been probably the most difficult I have ever had. Following Florida IM 70.3, I took a wrist injury that led to surgery and 5 months of being brace and casted up. I'm not out of the woods yet but the future is looking far better than it did a month ago. As a result, I went from being a 255lb dude that was on his way down to a skyrocketing 294lb dude doing nothing but moping around.

My brother Dan has been a great inspiration throughout his weight loss and fitness journey and one day we had a heart to heart like we have had many times. I realized that we have had that talk like 10 times. I heard the frustration in his voice and for the first time I felt like I was letting him down or that he was disappointed and frustrated with me. It was my first run-in with accountability I had had in 5 months. I realized that there was a problem that I was avoiding, similar to those that I shelfed when I toppled 430lbs.

I decided it was time to once again as I did in July of 2007 to make a life change. I decided that I would no longer be the fat dude finishing triathlons better than 1/3 of the field. I would no longer be the fat dude on a great tri bike, riding at 22mph for miles and miles. I would no longer be the fat dude that pulled a century on over 5,000 of elevation. I would no longer be the dude standing on the beach in Florida hearing people whisper "is that dude actually going to try this race?" I'm done with it.

It is so easy to get off course and for someone that went through WLS but never really made the mental changes that need to take place, I am now fighting a battle without that fast-track that WLS provides. It is only a tool and definately not the answer.

So today I am 283 and have so much hope but a large hill to climb. Did a body scan and for my bone mass / density I have a frame that would support 170-180, so that is my goal. I am racing Louisville IM this year (the race I had to postpone due to my wrist) and will not be the fattest guy on the field. I will race at my goal weight. I have 9 1/2 months to lose once again 110 lbs.

In August, I will be the dude flying up the hills and swimming with the pack and running with the pack. If I can do these races with a 100lb backpack on, I can surely do them significantly faster without it. Here's to a fantastic 9 month journey of pain, hurt, happiness, health and a sweet victory at the finishline; hopefully the finish that I dreamed of doing with my brother. My goal is to keep up with him and race side by side and finish that race together without me slowing him down but him keeping up with me! I used to run like the wind way and forever way back when. I cannot wait to find that guy again, I know he's within reach!


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