William Overcash

"I had my revision done in Dec 2005 with Dr. Overcash. He removed my staples as they were eroding my stomach and causing serious scar tissue and issue with my overall health. I had MULTIPLE complications including a heart attack from high potassium levels in my system after surgery, requiring a stomach tube for 2 months and considerable pain. It took me 3 months to totally recover from this surgery. His treatment of my family was HORRIBLE. His bedside manner was rude at best. He is a knowledgeable surgeon but I believe he is not even practicing in Ocala any longer. There are so many other caring and skill surgeons out there that I would do more research a find another physician"

William Overcash

"I had a RNY gastric bypass in 1998 and went to Dr. Overcash to consult him concerning a revision. My first impression of him was that he is very caring but very straight to the point. His job is to get your questions answered and get your medical needs met. If you are looking for someone to give you the sugar coated version of what you are about to experience...this is not your surgeon. His office staff was professional, kind and quick on the draw when the need arose. Can't say enough about his Insurance expert Patrice! Wow...great lady! I am scheduled for a revision on Dec. 7th, 2005. Ill keep you posted. "
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