Paul moved to the fore, winding the ropes up as he did so. David walked up to Royce with an inquisitive look on his face.

"What’s a gangbang?" He smiled.

"Of course you wouldn’t know would you? Well it means that we all get to fuck all the three of them. Like the idea?"

"Which one do I get then?"

"You’ll get to fuck all of them, we take turns with them"

"What of the twins?" David inquired, as if he was going to miss out.

"We’ll have to wait until they’ve finished their periods, I’m not saying that you can’t, it’s just that it’s a smidgen messy, if you get my drift!"

"Can we go down, I’m raring to go?" Paul inquired

"No problem I’ll be down in about ten minutes!" Royce replied looking back over his shoulder at the diminishing island behind him. David seemed a bit hesitant

"Come on David…lets go down and give these girls a good seeing to!" Paul insisted.

David didn’t need asking twice, he beat Paul to the top of the stairwell.

"He’s raring to go! Don’t be to long!" Paul grinned as he left Royce.

Each of the girls we’re sitting nude on the floor, watching TV, when they reached the lounge. Paul beckoned David to sit on the settee beside him.

"Ok girls; get you’re mouths over these, Royce won’t be to long!" Paul took his cock into his hand and wriggled it towards them.

Susan was first up, she went straight to David, pushing his legs apart and easing her up tightly between them. She looked up as her hands cupped his cock, before engulfing it into her petite mouth.

"Nice?" Paul grinned, after seeing the look on David’s face when Susan started to suck on his cock.

"Very!" David replied, taking Susan’s head in between his hands. "Boy have I missed out of the years; old Tucker never ever told us about anything like this!"

"Nothing! Still they we’re his granddaughters I suppose; but about the "birds and the bees," you do surprise me!"

"What have they got to do with it?"

"It’s a figure of speech, it means told you about sex. Tell me have you never had any feelings towards the twins; I mean they are a couple of stunners!" Paul winched slightly as Rodjana caught her tooth on his cock.

"Never! But I sure have now! David looked to the twins. "By no means could I have comprehended that they could have provided so much pleasure!"

"Did you never think of them when you we’re masturbating?"

"Never! I only thought of Ben Tucker!"

Paul smiled at his remark. "Why Ben Tucker?"

"If it hadn’t been for him, or should I say, seeing him masturbating. I never have performed it myself! I thought that was tremendous, I’ve been doing it for years now"

"Anyone fancy a nice big black one!" Royce grinned as he walked into the lounge holding his cock in front of him. He gave a quick glimpse towards the twins; their bronze bodies and long red hair, not to mention the two little red pussies; he could feel the surge in his bollocks. He moved towards the sheepskin rug in front of the settee laying himself out along it.

"Come on Elaine, sit yourself on this!"

Elaine moved towards him, placing her feet each side of his waist and looked down at him, "See anything you fancy?" She grinned. Royce reached up taking her by the hips. "I’ll give you fancy; here lower that snug little pussy of yours onto this!"

"Steady now!" He put his fingers up to his lips collecting spittle, and then placed his hand back between her legs as to moisten her pussy, making sure he stuck his index finger up her as she slowly lowered.

The twins could but watch as the majestic organ slithered up inside her. At the same moment Rodjana and Susan had decided that they to would sit down on their hard work; all three girls we’re now bobbing up and down on the three stiff cocks. By the look on the twins faces Paul could see that they both felt somewhat left out.

Don’t worry yourselves; your time will come, remember these three also have periods. Think of us we have to fuck all of you, we’ll get no rest" Paul smiled across to the twins.

Rodjana looked to her two friends, each with a cock deep inside them, she made a gesture, which they had all agreed on, which was the gripping of the fist, and this meant the gripping of the pussy muscles. Rodjana held out her hand and gripped it hard. Susan and Elaine understood, and applied pressure, to their resident cocks. Elaine never stopped her pace, as her pussy muscles gripped firmly Royce winched at the new pleasure.

"All change!" Rodjana cried out, quickly lifting off her well-developed cock.
The girls didn’t need to be told, they each lifted off there cocks and moved around, taking the new cock and guiding it into their open pussy’s.

"You’d better move closer girls…once we’ve all been round; we’ll make sure there ready to "cum" have you’re mouth’s open ready!" Rodjana informed with a big grin on her face to the twins.

The change happened three times, and the twins were more than ready. Each of the boys we’re ready to "cum", but it was Royce that was the odd one out, he was a glutton for it, well at least he had more staying power, still he had fucked more women, so he knew the ropes so to speak.

David was the first; as he pulled his cock out of Susan, Penny was ready, clutching his cock swiftly into her hand, and placing the helmet straight into her diminutive little mouth, David’s load gushed to the back of her throat, filling her mouth with the stodgy cream, she could only but swallow the thick juice, David leaned back as she sucked him dry. Elaine knew that Paul was about to come, but his seed was to be hers, with her pussy muscles gripped tightly she rowed him hard, her pussy was tight enough already. Placing his hands onto her buttocks ready to push her off at the given moment, but Elaine was having none of it. The thought of a dripping pussy again appealed to her; Paul started to moan loudly, Jane rushed down beside him, but as he started to grip Elaine’s buttocks to push her off; Elaine knocked his hands away.

She yelled out loud as the lengthy cock suddenly rammed itself up her fully, with hot thick spunk gushing up her, leaning forwards quickly grabbing Paul’s ankles in the hope of reducing some of the pressure within, she sensed the thick spunk being pumped up her, she lifted herself unhurriedly off the immense shaft.

"God…that…was…so good!" She gasped trying to catch her breath.

Paul’s cock slumped to one side, onto his leg once Elaine lifted clear. He had clear view of her pussy as she fell forward in front of him; the lips we’re swollen leaving it wide open, his glutinous spunk started leisurely oozing out. He stretched across to the little coffee table gathering a handful of tissues.

"You shouldn’t have done that!" He smiled, dabbing her pussy with the tissues. "Now don’t let it drip over the carpet!"

Elaine tried to stand, but her legs we’re too weak, Penny stepped forward to offer her a helping hand.

"I think…I think, I need to go to the bathroom!" She gasped reaching between her legs holding onto the tissues that Paul had placed between her legs.

Paul sat up on his elbows as the two girls left the room.

"You’re lasting out well Royce?" He smiled, watching as Rodjana eased slowly up and down on his cock, but the look on Royce’s face told all.

"He won’t be much longer!" Rodjana smiled. "Better get yourself ready Jane, by the feel of him you should have a nice mouthful!" Rodjana implied, gripping his cock with her muscles, as she accelerated her pace.

Jane swiftly moved over towards her.

"Sit on the settee beside me, you’ll soon know when he’s ready!"

Rodjana started to grip her inner muscles aggressively, knowing that that would bring him to the boil, and within seconds he started to groan.

"I’m coming, I’m coming!" Royce gasped, gripping her by the narrow waist.

As soon as Rodjana felt the bulge at the base of his cock she lifted off him quick.

"Quick Jane, his all yours!"

Jane pushed herself in between them as Rodjana moved off him; her mouth was over his helmet just before his seed reached the top. She sucked for all she was worth, but still it managed to gush from her lips as it siphoned up from his balls.
"That tastes horrible!" Jane squealed wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

"I’ll agree it tastes better when you’ve been the cause of it, but you’ll soon get the taste for it! I love it! Responsible for its cause or not: my uncle always told me it was good for you; is that right Paul?" Rodjana quizzed.

"Well I suppose it’s got calcium in it, its certainly bodybuilding!" Paul replied with a broad grin on his face.

"Not to good for you’re figure though, that’s if it taken to often in you’re pussy! So don’t forget your pills" Royce smiled

"Time for a drink! What do you fancy Royce?" Paul quizzed.

"I’ll have a lager, mind bringing up on deck. I’d better take her off auto, we’ll make better time?"

Chapter Twenty-Four

The girls we’re all up on the deck as the island came into view once more. Paul went down to get the bottle of champagne that he’d sneaked onboard.

"It’s looks so much different from the sea, it seems much smaller!" Penny implied.

Royce smiled towards her. "It would from this distance we’re about fifteen miles away at present. Have you been all over it?"

"Know every inch! But I love the lake best, when we we’re small grandfather would never let us near it, its so lovely and clear!"

"A lake! Now that is interesting, that must be fresh water. Where do you get your drinking water from at the moment?"

"Oh, its from the same lake, in the form of a bamboo pipe, just at the back of our home grandfather buried under ground sometime ago it took him ages. It runs all day long, we always have clean fresh water"

"You’re grandfather was a knowledgeable man by the sounds of it. Fourteen years on an island without seeing a soul, one that doesn’t appear to have much food as the outside world would know of, but you all survived!"

"Except grandfather!" Jane replied without looking at Royce.

"How old was he?"

"Old…Oh he was very old, and his hair went grey"

This brought a smile to Royce’s face. "You can go grey at forty" He laughed.

"He was much older than that!"

"We all die when we get older; its something that just happens. It couldn’t have been anything on the island or he’d have died years ago. He was a great man… and he’d be pleased to know that you’ve named the island after him!"

"It’s celebration time…come on guys. Lets drink our toast to our island, "Tuckers Island" Give her a hoot Royce!" Paul requested as he came up the stairwell carrying a tray adorned with the champagne and glasses.

The rest of the girls except Elaine we’re at the front of the cruiser scrutinising the island as it came nearer, they never heard Paul.

"Come on you guy’s! Lets drink to the future of the Island. Where Elaine?" Paul inquired.

"She hasn’t come up yet! We thought she was with you?" Rodjana replied, as she took a glass from the tray after Paul had poured the champagne.

"Would you like me to go down and see where she is?" Penny inquired.

"Might be an idea, I cant understand how I never saw or heard her!" Paul replied.

Penny left the group and made her way to the lower deck, checking all the rooms including the lounge. Finally Elaine was found asleep in her bedroom, Penny didn’t wake her, deciding to go back up on deck and consult Paul.

"Find her?" Paul smiled as he saw Penny coming up the stairwell.

"She’s fast asleep in her bedroom! Should I wake her?"

"No…let her rest, she’s had a pretty good innings over the last couple of days, it will do her no harm. Here get your glass, have a top up?" Paul grinned lifting the champagne bottle up towards her.

Each of the group topped their glasses, making sure there would be ample left for Elaine when she finally awoke.

Royce slowly guided the cruiser into the bay; the sharks were nowhere to be seen. So concerned about the sharks he didn’t see the shallow band of sand in front of him; the cruiser stopped suddenly, throwing the tray with the champagne and glasses onto the deck. Slowly but surely he put the vessel into reverse, thankfully he wasn’t going that fast when they hit the sandbank, the cruiser gradually eased it self off.

"That was a mite close, what’s in that crate up front?" Paul had noticed it when they hit the sandbank.

"Tools!" Royce replied without taking his eye’s from the front of the vessel. "We’ll need them to start building our new home"

The cruiser was brought as close to the rocks as Royce felt safe before they dropped anchor.

"The first thing we’ll need will be some kind of jetty so that we can tie this craft up securely, this is no good to man nor beast, it could be hazardous getting on or off board if the sharks were around!" Royce stated.

At that moment Elaine came up the stairwell rubbing her eyes.

"What happened; I was thrown off the bed?"

It was mid afternoon by the time that they’d got the bits and pieces off the cruiser; it was later when the problem arose.

"Listen!" Paul shouted as he looked upwards.

"It’s a plane! Look over there!" Susan pointed up through the tall trees.

"It’s bloody Brian, I knew Ricky would send him!" Royce shouted across to Paul who was standing on the cruiser.
Paul watched as it came into view over the sea.

" There are two of them in it!" Paul cried out. He looked around to see where everyone was. The girls where down below and we’re on there way up as the plane landed; Paul could see that it was Brian and Bendy in the cockpit. He rushed to the top of the stairs blocking the girl’s entrance.

"Where are Penny and Jane?" He asked as Elaine can up to the top of the stairwell.

"They’re in the galley; should I get them for you?" She inquired. "What’s all the commotion anyway?"

"No, I’ll go down; Brian’s here from Highlace, and he’s got Bendy with him. You stay up on top and make sure that the others say nothing of the twins, I’ll tell you why later!"

Paul headed straight for the galley the twins we’re washing up after the morning meal.

"Hi Paul…what’s all the shouting about, and what was that dreadful noise?" Jane inquired.

"It’s a plane…now I want you to make me a promise, you can both come out on deck or whatever, but please I only want you to come one at a time, at no time must you be together. I will explain my reasons later; there is someone we know coming onto the island and I don’t want them to see you together. Now will you promise me this?" Paul sat looking at the twins as he spoke.

"Why…what is the dilemma?" Asked Penny.

"It’s hard for me to explain at present; just make sure that only one of you are in the vicinity of the people who are visiting at one time, I’ll explain to you later. Now is that a promise?"

"Of course Paul, I’m sure that you have good reason for your request!" Penny replied looking towards her sister.

Chapter Twenty-Five

"Yes I agree" Smiled Jane.

Paul headed back up to the deck, the three girls we’re standing watching as the seaplane headed toward the craft.

"It’s Bendy and Brian, they’ll not take us back will they?" Susan inquired.

"I can assure you of that, I can’t think as to what they’re doing here anyway!" Paul replied.

"Paul what about our problem with the twins I mean, he’s sure to work it out?" Royce questioned as he climbed up on deck from the sand.

"I’ve sorted the twins out, we’ve just got to make sure that the girls don’t drop us in the cart so to speak. Can you get them up the front of the cruiser and I’ll go and meet them from the plane. And make sure they don’t mention Tuckers Island, or Bendy will twig it straight away!"

"Don’t you worry I’ll put them straight, I just hope we don’t have a problem, and why is Bendy with him?" Royce quizzed.

"No doubt we’ll soon find out!" Paul replied as he scaled the ladder do to the sand.

The seaplane came up to the edge of the beach, allowing both men to step straight onto the sands. Paul walked up to them both as they alighted.

"To what do we owe this honour? There’s no way we’re coming back you know!"

"That’s not a problem; you’re father just wanted to make sure that you’re Ok, what are you doing here anyway, from what I’ve heard this island is infested with sharks?" Brian suggested.

"They’ll not bother us!" Paul replied looking out into the bay. "None here at present anyway"
"How are the girls?" Bendy inquired looking towards the vessel, noting that they we’re on the deck.

"They’re all fine, they all know of Highlace, we offered to get them home but they wanted to stay with us!" Paul smiled to himself as he looked back at the girls who were now waving.

"Any chance of a drink then, I’m sure that you’re not short of a dram or two?" Bendy inquired viewing the girls.

"Fine by me; as long as you don’t expect the girls to return?" Paul stated.

"Your letter said it all! Your father said that he honoured your request, if that’s what you want it’s fine by him. He just wanted to know the outcome of the situation?"

"Come see for yourselves!" Paul led them both towards the cruiser.

"I’m amazed to see that you’ve had them dress?" Bendy stated as he started to climb the ladder, taking a good look up the girl’s skirts as he did so.

"It’s their own request, they feel cooler dressed the way they are!" Paul replied.

The girls came to the top of the ladder as the group stepped on deck,

"We’re going down to the lounge girls would you like to come down for some refreshments" Paul quizzed.

The girls didn’t need asking twice anyway they all wanted to know as to why they we’re here. Once down in the lounge Brian and Bendy sat on the large settee while Paul got the drinks.

"So what are you’re intentions then Paul?" Brian asked.

"Well we’re going to stay here! The girls picked up a couple of friends at one of the islands who are here with us. They all seem happy enough" Paul turned to Rodjana. "Go and tell you’re friend to come and meet our visitors" He replied.

Rodjana left the lounge and went down to the galley to where the twins were.

"Paul said one of you should come up and meet our quests, only one of you at a time though!" She suggested.

As Penny entered the lounge Bendy couldn’t keep his eyes off her.

"My…we could do with something like this at Highlace; she is a beauty isn’t she?" Bendy viewed Penny up and down, noting her graceful figure. "And that beautiful hair, reminds me of my wife in her younger days, and where did you get that lovely tan may I ask?"

Penny walked over towards him, standing just a few feet away. Bendy wanted to put his hand up her skirt but thought better of it.

"I’ve always had it" Penny replied.

"Get yourself a drink" Paul informed her without mentioning her name.

"So…are you satisfied that all is well?" He inquired looking down at the pair of intruders as he thought of them.

"More than so!" Brian replied. "Will you settle here then, I know that money is no problem, but you’re father wanted to know if they’re was anything that you might need?"

Penny had gone over to the stairwell and sat on the bottom step with her drink, Bendy’s eye’s followed her every move.

"Not that I know of, what did he think I might need?" Paul asked.
"Well…with three women, or should I say now four, you might have some needs for them from time to time, if you see my meaning?"

Bendy’s eyes we’re glued towards Penny as she sat on the bottom step with her legs were slightly apart; he couldn’t help but perceive the beautiful white silk panties that she was wearing. He pushed his fists into his lap hoping to hide the massif organ as it started to rise. Paul noticed Bendy staring behind him and turn to see what had caught his attention; he didn’t have to look to far, he knew what the sight must be doing to him, and walked over towards Penny.

"Could you go down to the galley and get some more ice, we’re a little short Penny," He whispered to her.

With that Penny gave him a smile and took off towards the galley.

"What are they like?" Jane asked inquisitively

"They seem fine, one of them is ever so brown, you’ll see, take some ice in Paul wants it. By the way I was sitting on the step up to the deck there’s a glass of drink there!"

Jane made her way back to the galley; it was only David who knew it was her. She handed Paul the ice then went and sat down on the bottom step where Penny had sat. Bendy glimpsed across to her in the hope that the same sitting position was maintained but alas her legs we’re closed. But he kept his gaze on her.

"So how long have you been looking for us then?" Paul asked.

"Only a couple of days, didn’t think you’d be this far away, we knew that we’d find the cruiser at some stage. I just hoped that you’d come to no ill fate that’s all!" Brian informed him.

"Why is Bendy with you?" Paul quizzed, noting that he was still scrutinising Jane

Bendy turned to Paul after hearing his name mentioned.

"I just come for the ride, I’m back to Blighty tomorrow!" He informed Paul.

"Thought you we’re staying longer, at least a week, what’s caused you sudden return?" Paul questioned.

"I have a few troubles that need sorting out, but I’ll be back at the end of next week, like to come and visit you again if I may?"

Before Paul could answer Bendy’s eyes we’re back on Jane, this time her legs were a touch apart, just enough for him to become aware that her panties were now pink. Paul knew that he could say nothing although he himself had not noticed the change. He moved to one side in the hope that he could block Bendy’s viewpoint. But Bendy’s cock was now out of control it was as hard as it could be, he knew he wanted to fuck her, it wasn’t just the sight of the pink panties, redheads we’re few and far between, it reminded him so much of his wife.

"Yes by all means; we should be a more organised by that time" Paul looked across to Royce as if to say, "What could I say!" Royce nodded he knew Paul had no choice in the matter; at least they wouldn’t have been taken by surprise the next time he thought.

"A word…that’s if you don’t mined Paul!" Bendy leaned forwards gesturing Paul to come closer. Paul moved towards him and bent down.

"Any chance of a quick fuck with that redhead of yours; how well d’you know her, is she up for it?" He whispered in Paul’s ear.

If only you knew thought Paul. "No chance I’m afraid, things are different here; this is not Highlace!"

"I’ll give you an open cheque?" Bendy replied with a grin on his face, thinking that money would buy anything.

"Sorry no way!"

As Paul stood back up, Bendy quickly looked across towards Jane once more; he couldn’t have picked a better time as she was leaning forward to pick up the glass, her legs we’re spacious apart. He was gutted that Paul would not except his offer, Jane’s movement had triggered his cock to stiffen even more, it hadn’t been like this for years, it wasn’t so much the view of her panties, as much as her red hair it was really getting to him.

"Well it’s nice to see you both but we really must get on; we have a lot to do before nightfall" Paul informed them both.

"Before we go Paul; you’re father asked me to leave you this, thought it might come in handy" Brian offered Paul the mobile phone.

"It can be charged on the cruiser, you’re father said to notify you that he bears you no malice, and hoped that you’ll keep in touch. By the way he’ll pay for all calls so you won’t have to sign up with the phone company" Brian smiled.

"Thank him will you; it will be of use to us, I will make contact with him later in the week"

Brian turned to head for the stairs, he knew Paul was not to happy; he didn’t know what Bendy had said, but he knew Paul hadn’t taken to kindly to his words. Jane jumped up off the bottom step as the two men headed towards her.

"Hope to be seeing more of you soon young missy!" Bendy smiled as he reached the stairway.

Paul looked to Royce and shook his head in disgust as they both made there way up the staircase. He never left the cruiser but just watched as the two men headed for the plane.

"What was all that about?" Royce quizzed standing beside him.

"He offered me an open cheque to fuck Penny, God that man will stop nowhere!"

"D’you blame him Paul…I mean he doesn’t know she’s he’s daughter does he. God if he’d seen the pair of them together he’d have sussed it out straight away. I think we’d better have a meeting with the girls on the Q.T and see what they think; I mean he is their father. I know he’s an arse hole but it’s up to them, some rules we can’t make on our own!"

"I know what you’re saying…but him there’re father, God forbid! Did you not see the way he was looking at her?"

"Well…she was sitting there with her legs open bless her, I’d fuck her if she wasn’t on!" Royce grinned.

"I don’t know what to do about that, I mean it’s great from my point of view, for us I mean, sitting with there legs open, they don’t appreciate what a turn on that can be. But if we stop them doing it we’ll never have the enchantment of it. I mean if we say it’s wrong that goes for us as well!"

"What goes for us as well?" Susan had come up the stairs and stood next to Paul he turned and smiled down at her.

"We have a slight dilemma, and we have to talk, we need to get David and the twins off the cruiser for a while so that we can all come to an agreement" Paul suggested.

"They haven’t done anything wrong have they?" Susan quizzed.

"No… not at all, it’s just that something has come up that we all need to talk about that’s all, as it concerns the twins! Where is David?" Paul inquired.

"Down below I think!" Susan grinned. "Shall I fetch him?"

"Yes…tell him we want to have a surprise party; and we want the twins off the cruiser for a bit!"

Susan was on her way before anymore could be said.

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