Daniel Fang

"<left>Dr. Fang & Dr. Juarez are very professional, thorough and competent in the bariatric surgery field. There's no question too small or too big. Staff are friendly. Waiting room is spacious and roomy. Scale only goes to 350. Average time between surgical consult and office submitting your file to insurance is 4-6 weeks because files sit in the dictation void for a while. I had no complications with my Laproscopic RNY surgery. Dr. Fang was my surgeon. Pre-op, op and post-op care are the best!"

Champion Pure Whey Stack - Chocolate Flavor

"I ordered the sample of this and it was awesome. I added it to some skim milk and it was like drinking chocolate milk!! Very high in protein, very sweet and smells like chocolate! Highly recommend this!! I purchased from www.vitalady.com. After I had the sample I ordered the 5# container - best value! "

Syntrax Nectar Whey Protein Isolate, Strawberry Kiwi

"Strawberry-Kiwi flavor smelled and tasted odd. Wasn't too sweet or anything. Very mild. Will not purchase again. Glad I got sample and not full container. "

Philly Swirl Italian Ice Sticks

"I've tried both the sticks and the cups. Sticks are lower in calories/sugar, but both are AWESOME. They hit the spot for something light and satisfying. I rated nutritional value "average" because it's not packed with vitamins or nutrients. It's just something safe to have for a snack every now and then. Post-ops - eat it slow! "

St. Luke's Medical Center (COE)

"I had read mixed reviews on this site on nursing care at St. Luke's, but the nurses that cared for me on 6th floor this week were AWESOME. They were supportive, made me feel good about myself and responded everytime I called. I would definitely use this hospital again if I needed to. I had a pleasant experience! "

Ira Ehrlich

"I had to go to Dr. Ehrlich to get a cardiac clearance for my weight loss surgery. He was very thorough and organized in his examination and getting clearance done quickly. The doctor is professional, easy to talk to, made me feel good about myself, is funny and is seasoned in his profession. I got my clearance and it was faxed to my surgeon's office the next day and I highly recommend this cardiologist to EVERYONE! If I ever have a heart problem (which I pray I never do), I would definitely go back to him. He is pro-GBS and is very supportive of patients having surgery done. He doesn't just jump through hoops to give a clearance. he is very thorough in examination and stress test to make sure everything is normal. My experience was wonderful!"

Barbara Maxwell

"Dr. Maxwell made me feel comfortable and normal. I kept expecting her to ask me some trick questions or try to get me to break down, but she didn't. My psych consult with her was a very pleasant experience. I've never been to a psychologist before, and am considering doing it now regularly because I feel I need it to cope with life's issues. I did not like the chairs that patients sit in at her office - both the waiting room and her office. Chair is wide and I fit fine in it, but I know there are others bigger than me that would have issues with their hips fitting in the arms. Also, chairs sit down kind of low, so it's hard to get up."

Roseanne Collins

"Dr. Collins is PRO-GBS and very supportive. She will do everything she can to refer you to a bariatric surgeon your insurance covers, and anything else you need. Staff is also awesome. Best doctor I've ever had! Very sensitive and respectful of obese patients. Only complaint I have is they have those one-size-fits-all paper gowns, but if you don't need to strip, then you are fine. "
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