Surgeon's visit

Jul 01, 2010

Well, today was the follow up to all my testing.  Everything was okay, except I have a "Large hiatal hernia" shown up by the endoscopy, and my stomach has moved up into my chest cavity.  Okay so he said he would fix this during the surgery.  Two for the price of one.!!!!! Well not really the price, but at the same time as one.  But the not so good news for me was that I cannot have the VSG in any near future, since it is likely to be two years before the VSG is covered by medicare.  I know many people have had a successful RNY, so I am trying to release my fears and proceed now with the RNY.  I so wanted to keep my intestines intact, I however, do NOT want to wait.  I have been waiting since 2004/05 and cannot continue to put my life on hold till Medicare gets its act together.  I am really sad about losing my option of VSG, and angry with God, but I am trying to get to acceptanceand feel comfortable with this option. My doc has done hundreds of the RNY and does feel it will work well for me so I am comfortable with him and my decision to change. But I have not been able to resolve my grief over losing my desired procedure.  I think this sounds silly from my head, but my heart is breaking.  I had been so hopeful this would flow easily, without this hitch, but no not to be the way Iplanned it to happen.  

I am another step closer to the reality of surgery and a new life for me.  I am excited to start my new life and feel hopeful that this will come to pass sooner than I thought.    I have my 1 day class (7:30 to 4:30) and then will get a surgery date.   That is really exciting.  Yeah!  I am continuing to see myself in abundant health and wholeness, able to do more physically and finding a safe and secure place to reside.


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