It's down to the wire

Aug 31, 2010

Well it is now 2 days out till my surgery date.  I still haven't heard from the Hospital about the time of the surgery, but now my cell is dead, so I guess it will be another day to wait.  Still unpacking from the move, getting tired of boxes, tho they are dwindling quickly.  I am also getting tired of the 4-5 week liquid meals.  I have cheated once or twice after finding out not everyone was on this liquid program.  It is childish and there is an inner child stomping her foot saying "I shouldn't have to do this, no one else is".  However, I am sure my MD knows what he is doing, he has certainly done lots of these surgeries.  And it has caused me to lose alot of weight, before surgery even happens.  I have gone from 385 lbs this March to 326 almost 2 weeks ago.  I can't weight to get on the scale at the hospital's this Friday.

The other thing is nervousness.  Not about the surgery so much as life after the surgery.  Will I be able to do this.  Will I be the only person in history who doesn't lose weight?   Will I ever be able to live life as a normal person.....what have I done agreeing to this new lifestyle. Questions?  Questions?? Questions???  I guess the answers will come in time.


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