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Oct 03, 2010

Well, today is the 1 month date since my surgery.  It has been MUCH harder than I expected.  I have had several health challenges in the past, but this seems like the hardest so far,even beating out cancer treatment.  I had more pain during the first week and more vomiting from week 2-4 than I ever expected.  I only had one day of really wishing I could undo the procedure, but many days of dissappointment and wishing I could have a meal (a small meal would have been okay), but no.  I could not even keep down a sip of tomato juice, or protein drink.  I certainly upchucked anything that wasn't totally soft.  I could only eat mashed potatoes, yogurt and pudding consistently.  Everything else came back up.  I am sick of it.   But I think I am making a turn for the better.

I went to a get together with friends yesterday and had a meal, quiche without the crust,  rice and some canned pears.  I only had a teaspoon of each, but I had a meal.  Looking at the portions the other 4 had and I was amazed at how LARGE they (the portions) all were and it struck me at how I used to eat like that.  Several had 1/4 a pie slice and one person had 2 other smaller helpings.  I thought "Wow, I used to put that much in my stomach  every day" and maybe every meal. 
Now granted mine were XXsmall but even so I was knocked out by the difference.  It gave me a good perspective.  I live almost alone so seeing the difference on 2 plates at the same time truly shocked me as to how out of control I had been.  A big Ah Ha moment.

Some "Wow" moments have also occurred this past week.  I was in my car and stopping for gas.  I noticed my shoes were untied.  So I hitched my foot up and tied my shoe!!!!  Before I could not bend my knee that far and I could not bend over stomach to get to my shoe.  I had to sit on the bed to get my shoes tied.   WOW!!

Another "Wow" moment was walking to the hospital.  Before I had to be at the first 1-2 handicapped spot to be able to walk to the door with huffing and puffing.  Last week I had to park in the next to last handicapped spot and I walked all the way to the door before stopping to rest, about a half a city block.  I don't have strangers asking me if I need help anymore.  So I guess that my breathing is improving too.  WOW!!!

Finally, the other day I vacuumed my apartment in one effort.  Now granted my apt is not very big, but before surgery I could not get through one room without multiple sitting spells.  My breathing, my knees, my back hurt so bad I tried to do most of the vacuuming sitting down, but not now. WOW!!!

And I have lost a total since March of 82 lbs and 19 since surgery a month ago.  My bloodwork is all in normal range.  I no longer am hypertensive and my diabetes is gone.  I have gone from 8 meds to 3 meds and I only take them every other day since they are all pain meds, instead of 3 times per day.  I am SOOOOOO VERY HAPPY my health is improving.  WOW!!!!!

So for my final assessment for the month, I am amazed at how hard it has been, but I made it through one month and I am seeing results, physical tangible results.  Just in time for my favorite time of year, FALL!  Woo Hoo.  The goal for this month is to start excercising. I feel like my breathing and knees are good enough to get to the onsite equiptment to try out a machine.  Maybe I will start with walking over there and checking out what is inside the gym (I have never been inside a gym/fitness center since junior high).  Now I need to walk to get there first, not drive over to it.  So I will start practicing  by walking out my apt and see how close I can get to the fitness center before having to turn back.

Thank you God, Thank you God, Thank you God.


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