Corrective procedure

Oct 08, 2010

Well, it has been a weird couple of days.  On Tuesday, I went to the surgeons office for my 1 month check up.  I was still throwing up almost daily for the last three weeks.  Dr suggested I had a stricture at my stomach opening.  It means a narrowing at the insertion point of the stomach from the esophagus.  So yesterday I had another endoscope and low and behold, there was a stricture alright.  It was dialated from 3 mm to 12 mm, so my dime size opening was down to a pencil.  No wonder I was vomiting everything up.  Well it is open again and now I can eat my soft foods and progress to the next stage of eating.  I am very glad to have the correction.  I would love to be able to have a small meal  sometime in the future.  It feels like now it might be a possibility.    So now that I feel better I am gonna clean house around here and try to find some smaller clothes to fit into again.  

I am getting smaller and my pants/slacks are becoming too big.  I have a young MR women who needs my clothing.  So I get the opportunity to share what I have worn and create a vaccuum for me to fill with better fitting clothing.  I would love to shop again in stores, but not yet.  It will happen I just need to be patient.  One thing this surgery is teaching me, patience.  Many, many lessons being learned during this month post surg.


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