7 weeks out tomorrow

Oct 21, 2010

Tomorrow, I will be 7 weeks out from surgery and I had another WOW moment today, not only can I put on and tie my shoes while sitting in a chair, but I did something I had not done for 20 years--------I PUT ON A PAIR OF JEANS, and they were too big.  I am wearing them with a belt or they are too long and too baggy.  This amazes me to no end!! I was so happy today I had to wake up my son to show him.  We were then both amazed.  What a HOOT.  I feel so much better.  I have lost a total of 93 lbs since March 2010 and 52 lbs since seeing the surgeon and making the final decision to have this surgery.  I am so looking forward to the continued changes

I still have food issues.  For instance I can only eat about 2 ozs of meat before feeling like I am going to throw up, tho the office told me I could eat 3 ozs/meal, and anything more than 1-2 tablespoon of anything else is too filling.  Mostly I still want soups and soft foods, but I continue to try new things.  I had my first salad this week.  It was only about 1/4 to 1/2 cup, but I bought bibb lettuce, stuff off the salad bar (carrots, frozen peas, boiled eggs, black olives, artichoke hearts and shredded cheese). Ate it with no dressing, just Cavendars seasoning and it was great.  No vomiting.  I have had deli ham and chicken, kept both down, and cooking baked chicken tonite.   I spend 80% of my day fixated on food and what, when and how much to eat, drink etc... I also bought my first carton of unflavored protein powder from Unjury and awaiting its delivery so I can get more protein in per day.  I can no longer stand the chocolate protein drink from EAS.  It is still good, I have just had too many since Aug 1 to drink another at this time.  So on this site I connected to the Unjury site and lo and behold I now have found unflavored protein powder.  I hope the testimonials did not lie to me, it just sounded too easy so I will see.  

Another 25 to35 lbs and I will begin exercising.  I have been reluctant because I am a procrastinator, and because I am still very winded every time I exert much energy (a left over result of the leukemia and treatment of same).  It is improving and I can walk further then I have in years, but soon it will be even better for me.  As the weight dissappears my stamina improves.  I could not walk to the gym yet (in the apartment complex I am in) but I am getting closer each day.  What a challenge.  I wanted to turn back the clock and be 40 again, instead of 59 so I could be in better shape and exercise more.  But reality is I am 59 and a cancer survivor with other medical challenges, so exercising is more difficult for me.  However, I am losing weight anyway and soon will be able to do more than I can today.  What a blessing.

Well I continue on this journey of discovery and fascination.  I will keep sharing my thoughts.   Hope all who read this enjoy your journey and mine.

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