Four months out

Jan 04, 2011

Yesterday was my 4 month surgery date.  It has been a medium roller coaster ride.  At first I did think I was never going to get the hang of, then finally now I feel in a swing.  I can eat some now, I do not throw up nearly as much and I feel full almost all the time.  I don't think I have thrown up since the weekend after Thanksgiving.  I am learning about listening to my stomach and hearing what it is telling me much better.  I had incredible weight loss over the 2 months past.  Through both holidays I thought I would maintain whatever I was at the start of November, but throughout Nov and Dec I lost 15 lbs.  That must be a personal record and I continue on the downward slope.  I really started this weight loss in March of 2010, I went to the oncologist and weighed in at 385 lbs.  When I had my firast chemo treatment in Jan. 2008 I weighed in at 405, but after many rounds of treatment I was down to 345 lbs.  When I went back this year I was back up to 385 lbs, and decided I would keep going up if something did not stop me.  Now I am 266 lbs.  Surgery, Doctor Scott,  and all my hard work has got me down and living healthy.  My BMI has dropped from 66 to 45.  I am still self absorbed and have many irregular thought processes that get in the way, but I am getting healthier each day.  I work on my faults and make amends when I screw up.

I only wish my knees were better.  I love to walk, but the arthritis has not improved, in fact may have worsened since I am up using my knees more.  I hate that, I wanted it to improve so badly.  I am trying not to project yet, but if it continues I may have knee replacement surgery sometime in the future.  Dang I really want to avoid that if at all possible.

I am inspired by this surgery, my friends and family are so complimentary, my grandkids are all excited about my changing health.  I have lots of blessings and much gratitude as I start out on my 2011 adventure.  WOOHOO!!!


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