9 months out WOO HOO!!!

Jun 03, 2011

I cannot believe it has been 9 months since my surgery.  WOW what a difference.  I am so happy I did this.  My health is so improved.  I am 157lbs smaller than I was when I got serious about this journey.  I have had so many improvements in my health I cannot believe it.  Last March, 2010, I weighed in at 385 lbs and I am only 5'4".   I could not breath, or walk, and hardly smiled.  I had diabetes, heart trouble, HBP, sleep apnea, and arthritis in my knees, back and shoulder.   Even tho I was a leukemia survivor, I was still killing myself with overeating.  I was anxious about everything, and frequently sad.  Totally bereft of hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Then I was approved for surgery.  I let go of my desire to have the VSG because I was told it could be 2+ years before it was an approved procedure for Medicare and I trusted my doctors recommendation for the RNY.  I had been so reticient to have the RNY, but I knew the universe would not give me more than I could handle.  Also I knew I could not wait another 2 years or I might not make it.  I am so happy I did not try that.

I have been mostly overjoy with my decision.  (Mostly, because there were times I did not think this was such a good idea.)  It was more painful than I expected, more difficult to slow down my eating, harder to take small, well chewed bites, but it is all worth it.   Getting past 6 months was a challenge some days.  I am still overjoyed with my decision.  I have everything I wanted, except knees that work well.  I am healthier, happier and less anxious 99 % of the time.  Life still throws me challenges, finances, tornadoes, pain to name a few, but I can take charge of my eating now and that is BIG.  I had tried to take control of my eating for so many years and Failed, Failed, Failed......but now I spend lots of time taking care of myself and I love it.

My challenges at 6 months was the slowing down of the weight loss.  I was losing almost 15 lbs a month.  Then at 6 months that went away.  I felt like I was hungry all the time and I began eating more.  I discovered sugar free candy and began eating 5-6 per day.  I did not think about protein first, but ate anything I wanted, including some fast foods.  WoW...that was a shocker.  Finally I regain some sanity and came back to reality.  I think I lost 3 lbs that month.  Now I am back on track.  I am drinking protein 2-3 times per week, eating healthier, decreased the SF candy and am back to losing still more weight.  Not 15 lbs a month, but not 3 lbs either.  more around 7-10 lbs. 

I am joining a new class next week based on Michelle May's book Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat.  It is about being mindfull of your body while eating and it is a great approach to weight loss and retraining your mind to eat to live.  I am so excited because this class is 8 weeks long, two friends are joining me and I expect success for myself.  I know this surgery caused me to lose weight, but I feel I still need assistance to help retrain my mind back to (maybe not retrain, but learn for the first time) healthy eating habits that can help me maintain this new life.  I have heard as we all do that WLS may not last forever.  For my part I want to do everything I can to maintain this healthier me.  It is a constant goal to make this a success.  And this new approach is a balanced, healthy way to learn new ways of listening to what my body is telling me what I really need and how much I need. 

I hope all on this journey with me are continuing to learn new things about themselves.  I look forward to my continued success.  MY goal is to be down to goal weight by my birthday 4 more months, 48 lbs.    WOO HOO!!!


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