My one year out!!!!

Mar 04, 2011


Hi everyone!! 
Well, I am officially 1 year out from my RNY!! 
I started my journey weighing 309 and on the day of my 1 year anniversary, I weighed 137!!    I'm a happy, happy woman!!

My life has changed ~ I'm more confident in everything.  I love being the girl that guys look at and smile at and not the girl that gets the ugly looks!!

God is AWESOME!!


February 15, 2011

Feb 15, 2011

Wow ~ again, time  has gone by and I haven't updated here.  Sorry.
We now have satalite internet at home instead of dial up which is nice.  I thought I would be getting online more now that we have that, but with having 3 teenage girls with boyfriends and a hubby who is going back to college, I am a busy woman.  LOL

Let's see, I now weigh 140.0 pounds!!   YAY!!   I cannot believe it.  I am a happy, happy woman.   I am loving it.  I can wear pretty and sexy clothes now!! 
I can wear a size 12 in jeans and most of my dresses I wear are a size 12 too.  I have a few 10's I wear too. 

I love getting reactions from people who haven't seen me in a long time!!   This past Sunday, after church, we went to a Sweetheart Banquet that our small community holds.  I waved at a man who we know from another church and are pretty close to his wife, and he just stood there and waved but had this look on his face like who is that!!  LOL   Then when my hubby and I were standing in line for food, I noticed two ladies staring at us from across the room.  I knew they were looking at me.  We knew them too.  Well, a little bit later, my hubby and I were walking around talking to people and they stopped us and said hi to my husband but stared at me.  Then someone said hi Tari and they were like, oh my goodness we didn't even recognized you!!  They told us they were staring at us in line getting our food and saying to each other who is John with!!  He is with another woman!!  LOL   We were the talk of the day!!  People were thinking my husband, the pastor, is with another woman!!   LOL

I am no longer obese or morbidly obese!! I am in the normal range.  YAY!!

I am dealing with the extra sagging sking, though, around my mid section, my arms and my thighs.  That is bothering me, but other than the extra skin, I am loving my RNY!!!

My husband lost his job back in early November, which means I lost his insurance.  So, there goes getting the extra skin removed. 
I do have Medicade due to having neuropathy, but Medicad doesn't cover removing the skin unless it is hindering me or hurting me.  (which it isn't ~ so I dunno!!)

Well, that's about it for now!!
Take care all,
God Bless,

November 12, 2010

Nov 12, 2010

Hi All!!
Well, just over 8 months out from surgery and I am 16 pounds away from my goal of 150!!  I just can't believe it!!   Since October, 2009, I have lost 143 pounds (A whole other person).  I NEVER in my wildest dreams thought I would ever do this. 
I weighed 166 pounds this morning and I'm just tickled pink!! 

I have had no problems throughout this whole journey ~ Thank you, Lord!!

Have you ever had this dream that you never thought would come true?  Well, last night, a dream of mine came true.  I have seen countless times on tv and other places where a man will pick up his loved one in his arms and carry her away.  I  have always wanted my hubby to be able to just that.  Well, last night, HE DID!!!!!   He swept me up in his arms and carried me around our house.  I felt AWESOME!!!!   (You know how the groom is to carry his new bride over the threshold??  That's what I'm talking about here!!)
I need to get a pic of it!!  LOL   

I have an embarrassing WOW moment to share:
My hubby and I were eating out and I was in a skirt.  Well, I am not used to having to be careful when I scoot out of a booth by holding my legs together or pulling my skirt down ~ you know where I'm going here????    Well, at the table next to our booth, there were two older gentlemen eating.  I got out to leave and, well, let's just say, one of the older men there was looking right between my legs!!   LOL    I need to remember to close them legs when I'm in a skirt!!  LOL

I'm loving this!!

Take care you all,
God Bless,


August 6, 2010

Aug 06, 2010

Hi everyone!!
Well, I am happy to announce that :   I'm in ONDERLAND!!!  YAH!!!    I stepped on the scale this morning and I saw something I haven't seen in years:  199.     I am sooooo thrilled.   I wanted to be in the one hundreds by my 41st BDAY, but I'm 2 days past that goal.  Oh well, it's only 2 days late.  I can handle that.    199 baby!!!

Oh, the piece of chicken that I had stuck is pretty much gone.  I can still feel something really little there and not so much of a goober feeling in my throat.  I am hoping in time, the goober feeling will go away. 

I am doing really good.  So glad I had the RNY!!!!

Take care,
God Bless,


July 26, 2010

Jul 26, 2010

Hi everyone!!
Well, I have managed to let another month plus go by.  Sorry again.
My weight as of this morning is 213.  I am loving it.  Feeling pretty again.
My husband bought me a very pretty purple dress in a size 16 and it fits.  I need to get a picture of it on here to show you all.   LOL
I have been working out with the WII fit board and I just recently bought the Biggest Loser WII game.  Boy, that is sure tough to do.  I can handle doing the WII plus, but the Biggest Loser one will take some time.  LOL  I also walk.  I noticed my arms are getting some muscle to them and I'm getting the angel wings!!  Don't like that, don't like how they swing, but I will deal with them for now.  I am afraid to do any exersizes that work my belly due to I'm afraid of hurting my insides.  I am a little more than 4 months out, so I'm sure my inners are healed and ok, but I'm still afraid to use those muscles. 
I have also noticed I am getting a little bit of wrinkles (saggy skin) on my neck.  That's weird.  But, I don't mind.  I am liking myself now.  Oh, yeah, I have a collarbone ~ and it's visible now!!!  I love it.  HEHEHEHEHE
I am in a bit of a pickle right now.  Last night, my oldested daughter came home from her job at McDonalds, and she brought home some chicken tenders.  Well, I took a rather big bite and for some reason, I didn't really chew it much.  I swallowed it w/o chewing really any of it.  Well, it's stuck.  I knew I made a HUGE booboo as soon as I swallowed.  It is still there.  I haven't eaten anything today, just been drinking my protein drinks. (I got in my right amount of protein, so I'm good there).  But, I am afraid of eating and having more get stuck.  I posted on the RNY and MI forum so hopefully I will get some advice there.  I hope it either comes up or starts to break apart and go down.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed it happens soon.  It is a very weird feeling.
Well, I'm going to go try to add some recent pics.
Take care everyone,
God Bless,

June 10, 2010

Jun 10, 2010

Well, here I am at 3 months out!!  I can’t believe how my life did a complete turn when it comes to food. 

First, back in October of 2009, I weighed 309 pounds (UGH) and the morning of surgery, I weighed 279.  I am very proud and happy to say that as of June 9th, I weigh 223!!!   YAY   

I feel so much better about myself.  I still a flabby belly and arms, but it is going down.  I am sure I will have to have a tummy tuck and whatever it is called when you get your arms done.  I am fitting into much smaller clothes.  I have even graduated from my one bathing suit into a bathing suit that my daughter had just sitting around!!  I will be putting a pic of me in that bathing suit in my photo section real soon.

I went out shopping last Saturday all by myself and I stopped at lots of stores and had fun trying clothes on.  It felt really GREAT to be able to look at a rack and pick something (mostly 18’s and 20’s) and try them on and they actually fit!!  I remember not so long ago being soooooo depressed when I would pick the biggest they had on the racks and it NOT fit!!  Well, not no more!!   I found this really pretty purple dress at Fashion Bug for $30 and it was a size 18.  It fit and looked so nice.  I wanted it, but I felt I would be wasting my money because who knows how long and often I would be able to wear it.  So, I didn’t get it.  I should have taken a pic of me in it!!  Next time I go trying on clothes for fun, I need to remember to take pics!!  LOL

After surgery, I had a hard time getting in my liquids and protein.  I am doing much better.  At one of my checkups, Dena, the nutritionist told me about this liquid protein that has 15 grams of protein in 2 TBSP!!  So, I gots me some!!  LOL  That helped.   I am now buying the little tubes with 25 grams of protein in it.  They are pretty good, I guess. 

I do have trouble eating still.  Food just doesn’t appeal to me.  When I sit to eat, I get nauseas and find it hard to eat.  I talked to Dena, and she said to keep my meat bites really small and moist, and chew and chew.  So, I started doing that and that has helped.  So,  I am still having issues with eating, but it is getting better.  Plus, my other problem is that I just don’t know WHAT to eat.  I want to go on OH, but we still have dial up and I HATE getting online anymore.  That is why it has taken me SOOOOOOO  long to post a blog.  I truly miss being involved on OH.  I made some really nice friends and I have missed keeping up with them.


At my 3 month check up on June 4th, Dr. Pop told me that the average percentage loss was between 20 – 25% but I’m at 32% weight loss!!   So, I’m on track and doing good.


This was the BEST thing I ever did.  I wish I would have done it 10 years ago, but I just wasn’t ready, I guess. 


March 14, 2010

Mar 14, 2010

Hi there!!
WOW ~ sorry I haven't gotten on here to update you all, but here I am now!!
I am now a loser and joined ya'll who have had surgery on the loser's bench!!  Thank you for keeping a spot for me.  It's great to be here.
Right now, I'm sitting (not too comfy yet, but handling it) at a desk at our hotel we go to when we come down to Ann Arbor for anything to do with my RNY.  I already go for my checkup on my RNY tomorrow ~ Monday at 1:15 PM.   I couldn't wait till I got here to get online and update on my progress.  It was a bit hard this drive here cause I'm still feeling sore inside and feeling tight most of the time.  I guess just comes with the healing process. 

Let's see, I'll start from morning of surgery, k???

March 3rd I would say I woke up, but I really didn't sleep that night before, I got out of bed around 5:30 AM.  Johnny woke up with me and so did our youngest daughter, Anna.  I was so at peace and excited about what was coming.  I got in the shower and did what I was told to do with that scrub I got at my PATS  (wash belly for 5 minutes with it and then rinse for 3 minutes).  We left the hotel around 6:45 (had to be at Barix at 7:30 AM).  We got to Barix at 7:10 and I had my daughter take a pic of me near the Barix sign.  (I'll have to post pics later, they aren't on this computer where we are). 
The first thing that happened was that I had to have blood taken to make sure I wasn't pregnant.  LOL  The girl who took my blood was so cute and funny.
We sat a while, maybe about 45 minutes and then I was called to go up to pre op!!  I wasn't nervous at all!!   I had a GREAT pre op nurse, Crystal.  She gave me two bags, one for my shoes and one for my clothes and this cute little blue hair net!!  LOL   I changed and she got me settled into the bed.  She asked me questions, made sure I was willing doing this surgery and other questions.  She filled me in as to what to expect.  She then had me sign some paper work and then got my IV in.  No problem getting that in.  She then went and called for Johnny to come up to us (we were on the 3rd floor).  He came and and she went over other things with him and me and then the fun started.  I had two people (a man and a woman) who were going to do the anesthesia for me came in and the lady looked at me and asked if I snored, well, of course I do.  I also said I have a bad gag reflux (I was scared because of the tube going down my throat as lots of you know!!  LOL)  She wanted to look in my mouth and right away she said that I couldn't be put totally under to put in the breathing tube.  WHAT!!!!  I started crying and looking at Johnny.  I told him I couldn't do it!!  I wasn't going to do it.  No way I would let them put a tube down my throat and me being awake for it.  Well, I was told not to worry, that I would be given medicine to put me in lala land and I wouldn't really care.  I still was crying.  My surgeon, Dr. Poplawski, came in and rubbed my arm and talked to me about this.  I was mostly looking to my husband crying.  I listened to Dr. Pop and he said it was for my own safety and for me to live.  That with my small opening it would be hard to get it down after they put me all the way out and they might night be able to get it down my throat in time.   While Dr. Pop was talking to me I was given 2 doses (an extra dose) of calming medicine.  I sortof felt it, but I think I was fighting some of it.  I heard the two anesthesia people talking and the man was saying to go get everything ready now while I was still in the waiting area to go back.  He wanted everything to be there and ready so I didn't have to wait.  Well, I ok'd it.  I told them though I would fight them.  It was time for me to go.  Johnny kissed me and they wheeled me off down the hall.  I don't remember much after saying bye to Johnny.  I don't remember going from my bed to the operating table.  I don't know how I got from the bed to the table!!   But, let me tell you, when I felt the spray going in my throat I perked up and I remember it being sprayed twice then the tube going down, I remember fighting them for just a second, then I was out.  It went really REALLY fast.  They did good!!  They didn't play around and go slow.  I don't remember a thing till I heard someone calling my name in post op waiting room.   I remember thinking "I made it!!"  I was relieved I didn't die.  (There was some of me that was worried about dying. I didn't want to leave my girls or my husband!!)
I was brought to my room around 1:20 PM and Johnny came right in to see me.  I was in and out of it most of the day.  I do remember, though, me keeping pushing the button for pain.  I didn't want to hurt, so I kept pushing it when I came to.  Johnny sat by my side all day.  Anna came up to see me, but didn't want to stay.  She doesn't like hospitals!!  She sat downstairs in the main lobby most of the time I was in hospital!!  I had EXCELLENT care!!  Barix is the best place.  They all took great care of me. 

I was released Friday around 10:30 AM.   Johnny drove really good and slow.  He kept stopping about every 45 minutes to get me out and walk.    The back roads leading to our house was really difficult.  My tummy hurt soooooooo bad by the time I got home.

I really haven't done much other than relax on our recliner.  I have walked and sipped my water.  LOL

Since we have dial up and it goes so slow at home, I just didn't feel like getting online.  Sorry to everyone who has worried about me. 
As I am sitting here typing this, I am getting sore, so I am going to have to end this blog and go lay down. 
I was going to type more and even go on the boards, but I just can't. 

Thank you all for your prayers.  They are working. 
I'm doing good.
Oh, my weight:   morning of surgery I was 279 then when I left hospital I weighed 292.  I knew it was all the water and gas pumped into me. 
Well, now I weigh 262 (as of Saturday) so I'm happy.

I really must go now, getting really sore sitting here at desk.

Take care all!!
God Bless,

PS  Mary, it was nice talking with you tonight!!  Thank you for the info you sent me.  I'll get to it soon!!!  LOL


March 2, 2010

Mar 02, 2010

Hi everyone,
Well, we made it to our hotel room!!  It has been a busy day.  We left our house around 10 AM this morning.  It was hard leaving because my middle daughter is worried something terrible about me.  She said she is affraid I'll die.  She doesn't have a good feeling she told me.  It got me crying this morning.  She said if I die, she is going to come and bring me back to life and then kill me!!  LOL   She is scared something will happen to me.  I keep telling her that Dr. Poplawski is very skilled at this and Barix is a GREAT hospital and that I'm in good hands.  But, that hasn't eased her mind.  She said she wants to know the minute I'm out of surgery so she can stop worrying.  My husband said he will text her hourly to let her know how I am doing.  (The updates)    I cried this morning talking with her.  I cried as we got in our van to pull out of driveway.  My daughter was watching me out our front window waving.  I'm balling.  I have had thoughts of not making it so it hit hard this morning saying goodbye to my baby.

We took our youngest with us......we had to stop in Flint at her stomach doctor.  So, it has been a long day. 

I took my 2 dolculax (not sure if that is spelled right) at 10 AM this morning and it wasn't a bad trip as I thought it would be.  I kept drinking my water and chicken broth all the way down and when we were stopped at places.  Then, I was always near a bathroom when I needed one.  I was worried, but it worked out ok.   We got to our hotel room around 6:30 PM so I'm all set now.   I have also had jellos throughout the day. 

My bag is packed for the hospital.  I even brought my pretty green flip flops to wear home from the hospital.  This way I wont have to bend down to tie my tennies!!  Of course, I know my hubby would do it for me if I asked him!! 

Well, I will close this blog and then the next time I blog, I'll be a LOSER!!!!!!   YAY!!!
TTFN..............see ya on the flip side....................

February 28, 2010

Feb 28, 2010

Hi all,

Well, I have to be at the hospital at 7:30 AM on Wednesday for my RNY!!
I am really excited.  I am actually scared too.  I think I am more scared of how I will be after surgery in reguards to my drinking protein shakes and food.  I just want to do it right, ya know?!! 
I have had the occasional thoughts of death.  I don't want to think about it, but they do pop up.  I have a wonderful family and I don't want to leave them!!   I am thinking positive though and I know God has brought me thus far and I know He will bring me back to my family safe and healthy!!  I hold to that!!

I am pretty much packed to leave Tuesday morning.  Our room is a mess with things, though. We have to bring our youngest daughter with us.  She has been having really bad stomach issues and she sees a stomach doctor in Flint on Tuesday.  So, since Flint is about 2 or so hours from us, we wont bring her back home she will just go with us.  She is happy though.  She is a big time mommy's girl and she is worried about me.  So, I think with having her there with me, seeing that I'm ok, will help her.  Plus, it gives her some Daddy and her time.  So, after the stomach doctor appointment we will head to Ann Arbor to our hotel.
I'll try to get online and post we are there and such.
I prolly wont sleep Tuesday night.  (Prolly wont sleep much Monday night either!!)  I have to take sleeping pills, but I've not been taking them for the past 4 days.  (Just don't want them to interfere with my surgery).

I got a new blender/food processor the other night at Walmarts (called the Ninja)  I love it.  I got my gas x strips (only 2 boxes, which I think now I should have gotten more), I got my chewable complete vitamins and some calcium chewables.    We went to GNC and talked to the guy there and he showed me the protein drink that he recomends RNY's to use.  It is like 60 bucks for a 3 pound tub.  He said that this one absorbs more of the protein in my body then the ones I get at Walmarts.  We didn't buy it, but I did buy 2 samples of it to try after surgery.  

When we were at my PATS, I bought the sample bag for $20 and in there were some Nectar samples and I had already bought some samples on the internet.  Problem is, I don't know how to use the Nectar proteins!!  I posted a message about it on several of the forums here so I hope someone will help me out there.   I add milk to my protein drinks now, but these flavors I got from Nectar, just don't seem like they would go with milk.  I don't know how to use them with any other liquid or how much and the like.   It says on the sample ones from Barix that I can just use a spoon to mix them.  That is different than what I've been used to (using blender and milk!!).  

Any ideas???!!!

Well, I'm going to head to bed and try to sleep.  My thoughts are consumed with this surgery on Wednesday so I don't know how much sleep I will actually get!!

Take care all and thanks for reading up on me!!
God Bless,

February 23, 2010

Feb 23, 2010

Well, it's been a while since I've posted anything. 
I am not so mad at God for taking our Trigger away from us anymore.  Still wish it wouldn't have happened, but I'm not crying, mad, or feeling that terrible guilt anymore.  We all just really miss our Trigger.  

I have really been working hard at changing things before surgery.  I haven't had pop in a while, have been staying away from sweets, drinking protein drinks, gathering things I will need for after surgery and etc.

I had my PATS this past Monday and I passed!!   I was nervous for nothing.  I was worried that they would tell me I needed to go have a sleep study done, but NOPE, nothing about it was said. 

I enjoyed my time there and the people there are really nice.  I did have two bad experiences though.
First, I was in the examinging room and a nurse came to get me and led me to stand and wait for her straight infront of a man sitting there.  This nurse had to go get another girl who was going to get her chese xray and ultra sound the same time as me.  Well, it wouldn't have been too bad standing there infront of this young man if I wasn't standing there in my hospital gown and no bra on!!  I had my jeans and shoes on, but no bra or shirt, just a gown!! 
So, my boobies were just there hanging!!  LOL   I turned to the side, but that wasn't much better, he could still see me and my hanging boobies!!  ARGGGG   It was a LONG 30 or so seconds!!   Then, I had to turn and walk by him while reaching back and holding my gown shut.  I only had the top tied ~ I didn't know!!  LOL
Then, my second bad experience was that I was forgotten!!    After we met with the nutritionist, we were called back to go back into the examinging room to talk with a doctor.  Well, I was called 2nd along with another girl.  After about 25 minutes, my husband, who was with me, said they forgot about me.   I said, no, and tried to give them the benefit of the doubt.  Well, after hearing doors opening and shutting and people shuffling around and voices coming and going and even hearing the lady doc walking around in and out of rooms, I began to wonder.  After 50 minutes of sitting there, my husband opened the door to my room and stood there and looked out.  This lady doc (don't even know who she really was) looked at my husband and put the chart down to this other person who was there WAYYYYYYYY after me back in the slot and grabbed my chart and came right in. She didn't even apologize!!  ARGGGG
But, I'm not letting those two little things change my mind about Barix.  I loved it there for my PATS and everyone was really nice.   

So, I was told that I will be called on Wednesday or Thursday with my time I have to be in next Wednesday for my surgery!!   YAY      I'm sooooooo excited.

When I went for the seminar/consultation, Dr. Poplawski wanted me to drop 10 pounds by time of surgery.  I was 294 then and I weighed in for PATS at 280 and I'm not going to mess up this week and eat tons of 'last meals'!!

John and I, however, did stop at a chinese buffett in Saginaw and enjoyed our lunch after my PATS.  I was soooooooooooooo hungry cause I didn't have anything to eat since 11 the night before and this was 1:30 PM when we got to the resturant.  But, I really didn't eat much.  I had water to drink (only a little though) and really not much food. 
We went to GFS and I got some little containers and lids to put foods in for me after surgery. 

Well, I'll close for now. 
I'm almost on the loser's bench!!    Can't wait.


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