November 12, 2010

Nov 12, 2010

Hi All!!
Well, just over 8 months out from surgery and I am 16 pounds away from my goal of 150!!  I just can't believe it!!   Since October, 2009, I have lost 143 pounds (A whole other person).  I NEVER in my wildest dreams thought I would ever do this. 
I weighed 166 pounds this morning and I'm just tickled pink!! 

I have had no problems throughout this whole journey ~ Thank you, Lord!!

Have you ever had this dream that you never thought would come true?  Well, last night, a dream of mine came true.  I have seen countless times on tv and other places where a man will pick up his loved one in his arms and carry her away.  I  have always wanted my hubby to be able to just that.  Well, last night, HE DID!!!!!   He swept me up in his arms and carried me around our house.  I felt AWESOME!!!!   (You know how the groom is to carry his new bride over the threshold??  That's what I'm talking about here!!)
I need to get a pic of it!!  LOL   

I have an embarrassing WOW moment to share:
My hubby and I were eating out and I was in a skirt.  Well, I am not used to having to be careful when I scoot out of a booth by holding my legs together or pulling my skirt down ~ you know where I'm going here????    Well, at the table next to our booth, there were two older gentlemen eating.  I got out to leave and, well, let's just say, one of the older men there was looking right between my legs!!   LOL    I need to remember to close them legs when I'm in a skirt!!  LOL

I'm loving this!!

Take care you all,
God Bless,


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