Scott Fisher

"My first impression of Dr. Fisher was like most, wow he seems pretty young. He was also very candid in his conversation about the lap band and the RNY surgery. When I had entered his office I was dead set on the lap band surgery. There was going to be no changing my mind I thought. After listening to what he had to say about both surgeries, I left there changing my mind thinking that maybe the RNY was the better way to go. I like the fact that I didn't feel any pressure to 1.) have surgery or 2.) select one over the other. I asked a lot of questions, and I never felt rushed with his time to answer those questions for me and my husband. His office staff is very nice, although sometimes I think that they get a bit too busy, especially when it comes to times when people go on vacation.rnrnI think that anyone considering speaking with him will be very pleased that they have done so. He has great bedside manner which is so important, especially after such an important surgery. Granted you want a very talented surgeon, and my surgery went A+ but you also need someone who is going to be supportive. I feel very good about my decision to choose him as my surgeon and feel that I will be taken care of very well during my aftercare. During my stay in the hospital I had the chance to see a couple of his partners and I would say that that the best bedside manner anyone had was Dr. Nagy. He didn't want me to feel like I was being pushed out of my room since I was taking a bit longer to recover. He was funny and polite and made me feel at ease even though it was the first time I had seen him.rnrnI would highly recommend anyone who is considering having this surgery go through this office. I am VERY picky about Dr.'s as I have seen more than my fair share in my lifetime. Trust me you need not only a skilled surgeon, but you also want one that puts your mind at ease, and Dr. Fisher is just that man."

Penrose Hospital

"Mixed reactions. Lack of understanding on some of the nurses who were covering from other departments, and they were unfamiliar with the special needs of Bariactric patients. Daytime nurses had a horrible response time to pressing the nurses button, with a few exceptions."
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