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Mar 29, 2021

Hey Everyone!


It's been a very long time since I posted and it's been 10 years going on 11 in September since my surgery.  I've kept the weight off (regain and lost 20 pounds) and life is great.  Now that I'm 50 and in menopause, life can be different.  I think that's when I gained weight during menopause and it drove me crazy.  But when I was finally finsihed, things went back to normal.  That was rough.  For my 50th birthday, I had a tummy tuck, and convinced my friends to do it too.  I have never looked and felt better.  It you are considering it, don't consider just DO IT.  The look alone will change your life.  I work out with a trainer and since being this age, I eat a lot cleaner (lowering my carbs) so that I can truly maintain.  I'm trying to hit my magic number and I'm 4 pounds away but the struggle has been real.  I eat my protein but need to increase more.  Potato chips use to be my crack and Moutain Dew use to be my heroin.  But I have control now and it has gotten a lot better.  For my Vets 10 years out or more, what's your secret to maintainance?

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