I used to be in really great shape. I played baseball from 1st grade through High School. I did a lot of physical labor to. Then I got into the computer business right after high school... That was the start of the demise. I worked for a mail order computer reseller. They would order tons of food everyday to keep you in and on the phones. Then came a relationship with someone that my family really didnt care for and the stress just mounted. I ended up marrying her had 2 kids. The weight just kept on coming on. The relationship was getting bad (that's a whole other story that I could write a book about!) I put on a ton of weight and she cheated on me... twice. So I finally went down the road of divorce. Which just made me eat even more. Leaving my 2 beautiful girls was the hardest thing I ever had to and will do. I miss them everyday they are not with me. It was misery. Some people may look at my stats and wonder why I had WLS. Well I am short standing at 5'5". Being 280 at 5'5" is morbidly obese. Now they say I should weigh in at 135 - 140 however I am naturally muscular so in my best shape I was 160. In Feb 2010 I was 280. I decided to hit the gym. I was busting my butt eating right and I dropped about 20 pounds and hit a wall. It was the same story as usual. I got frustrated and it went to the wayside. I gained about 6 of that back. In October 2010 I went to an Amusement Park here in NJ called Great Adventure for their Halloween festival. Well I got on a roller coaster and they had a hard time closing the bar and had to hold up the ride and unlock everyone because they couldnt close it on me. They finally got it closed. That was it... I was so friggin' embarassed. I had already looked into the surgery and saw the doc before this but decided not to do it. AFter that day at Great Adventure I called and made the appointment to move forward with the surgery.

I want to be able to run around with my girls, take them to water parks and amusement parks. I want to be able to bend down and tie my shoe while still breathing. I want to walk a flight of stairs without being out of breath. I want to be able to dress nice and feel good about myself. Hell I want to be able to look down and see my life long buddy without my stomach in the way!

I know now I will get there!

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