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Feb 03, 2011

I guess I'll give this a shot. So I had surgery on 1/17/2011. My surgery went great. However I was a little slow on starting to get fluids in me. It felt impossible with all that gas!!! Finally once I got home I got the fluids cranking. Everything went down great! I also had to go home with the drain. YUCK! I had thought it was coming out because it was leaking from the entry and I could now see the stitch coming out. I went back and it turned out I was just panicing! Everything was in tact and doing what it was supposed to. The next day the fluid coming out changed color so I got concerned again and called my doc. They got me in the following day and removed it THANK GOD!! I hated having that thing!

I introduced protein into the mix. Well that was interesting LOL. I found out that I am allergic to either Whey protein or something in Whey protein powder. My mouth swelled up and I got these huge itchy hives all over my body! Now all my life I never had an allergic reaction to anything! So I tried Soy protein instead and no problems since. Its been smooth sailing. I go to an allergist this coming Tuesday 2/8/2011 to find out what I am allergic to so I can make appropriate choices. Since Whey is a biproduct of milk I might have a milk allergy and never knew it.

At my 1 week post-op appointment I was down 21 pounds. I am refraining from weighing myself until 1 month post op appointment on Feb 17th. I will become obssesed and and drive myself nuts. Plus I have seen in the forums plenty of posts about stalling between week 2 to 5.

So thats what I'll start with in my blog for now. Thanks for reading!


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