8 days out...

Jul 21, 2011

Well I had my 1 week post op appointment today :) Everything is looking good and I am down 30 pounds.   291!  Woot Woot.  Aside from being VERY VERY VERY sore after surgery everything has went well.  I havent had any issues with any of the foods yet even thought its not much lol.  Water, Sugar free pops, Sugarfree Jello, Diluted Juice and as of today Protien drinks.

Dr says next week if I am still doing well I get to move on to Purees! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY lol who would have thunk it that, that woudl be excitin! :P

Now... If only the weather would tone down with teh fricken heat!  Maybe I could get outside more to walk!  My kids think I a crazy walking laps upstairs between my bedroom and the hall bathroom over and over lol! 

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Jun 10, 2011


Pre-Op Testing 6/9/11 Fun Times at Geary.

Jun 10, 2011

Hmmmm Well I think I am still reeling from my 6 hour appointment at the hospital yesterday.  Food just really hasn't been on my mind today even though is day 1 of my 30 day preop diet 0.o.  My multi vitamin about made me gag though NASTINESS! :P 

I had to be at the hospital yesterday at 11am.  I met alot of people, Signed tons of papers, and seriously felt like they used every machine in the place on me :P  I got to see my heart from about every view point possible It was actually pretty awesome :P  It didn't really look like what I THOUGHT a heart looked like Te he he but getting to hear it and watch it at work was kinda a awing experience.  To think that little guy is working hard all day n night just for me :P THANK YOU HEART!  Then they pulled out the ole sonogram machine to look at my gall bladder.  I didn't get to see it so no bonding between him and i ahhh ha ha ha but this one was a little tender.  They had to push pretty hard to see it i guess.  But nothing to extreme. 

Ques HORROR Music so they saved the best for last and in I went for my Barium party  OMG GAG GAG GAG.  They started me with a little cap of water that they put these crystals in and combined them.  I had to shot it and it was hard to swallow... It was like alcazelter.  Then your not supposed to burp they start looking at your insides and hand you this huge cup of Barium (Strawberry sand glue) you drink it, they watch and then you roll lol coating your tummy and uh oh SURPRISE here's another cup of awesomeness to drink! it was worse than the first 2 *CRY* but alas I got thru it alive intact and vomit less! Woot Kudos for me! 

Seriously though everyone i encountered was awesome, really outgoing and helpful!  Pver all it was a great day heading towards a great cause :D Me being a better me :P


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