Appointment with Dr. Starr - 18 Month Follow-up

Sep 16, 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Went to see Dr. Starr today for my 18 month follow-up.  I actually lost about 3 pounds since I last saw him in March.  He was very impressed with my progress and actually called me his poster child for WLS...big wow moment coming from my surgeon.  He would like to see me exercise more and he was impressed with the skin around my tummy, he couldn't believe that I didn't have much considering I was 245 pound when I started my journey.   The next time I see him is in a year.   

One and Half Years Appointment with Nutritionist

Sep 09, 2009

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Went to go see Denise the nutritionist at HRRH this morning.  I've put on 2 pounds (by her account) since March 2009, she was not alarmed and actually told me it's normal to put on a few pounds after all this time.  She said it was my body regulating and adjusting itself from all the previous weight loss and I may see a decrease down the road (Oh God, I hope).  I've been very down with myself because she thinks I've only put on 2 pounds when in fact I've put on 6 since my lowest weight.  I'll blame it on too much partying over the summer, now summer's over so I'm going to start being diligent in watching the carbs and of couse not drinking so much LOL.  I also had my blood work done and Denise mentioned something very interesting that the Canadian Government wants to compile 5-years of data from WLS patients, so I guess I'll be seeing her every 6 months for the next 3 1/2 years.

Girls Night Out - June 13, 2009

Jun 13, 2009

I haven't been posting lately, it's crazy this time of the year at work.  I'm working insane hours and that's just the way it is every year, just a big panic to get all our submissions in.

My girlfriends did talked me into getting off my ass and going out last night...definitely patio and zangria weather last night, however I forgot there was a big hockey game on last night so it was very loud and just crazy...nevertheless I'm glad I took some time out of my busy schedule to step out. 
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Girls Night Out - April 03/09

Apr 04, 2009

Okay so last night I went out with my girlfriends for dinner and dancing.  We must have had cougars are us on our foreheads because we kept getting hit on all as young as 26,30 and 34.  We laughed and told them that we would be happy to hang out with their moms but not interested in them.  I guess that would be kind of a wow moment LOL.


My Weight History and Weight Chart

Apr 03, 2009


Weight Chart
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# Date Weight  
1 10/04/2009 128.5 Edit || Delete
2 10/01/2009 130.4 Edit || Delete
3 09/26/2009 132.4 Edit || Delete
4 07/23/2009 133.8 Edit || Delete
5 05/16/2009 134.7 Edit || Delete
6 05/09/2009 135.8 Edit || Delete
7 04/10/2009 136.0 Edit || Delete
8 04/02/2009 137.8 Edit || Delete
9 03/28/2009 138.0 Edit || Delete
10 03/09/2009 138.2 Edit || Delete
11 02/21/2009 138.7 Edit || Delete
12 02/20/2009 140.2 Edit || Delete
13 02/14/2009 140.7 Edit || Delete
14 01/22/2009 142.0 Edit || Delete
15 01/18/2009 142.4 Edit || Delete
16 01/16/2009 143.7 Edit || Delete
17 01/11/2009 144.1 Edit || Delete
18 01/10/2009 144.8 Edit || Delete
19 12/24/2008 145.4 Edit || Delete
20 12/22/2008 145.8 Edit || Delete
21 12/20/2008 147.5 Edit || Delete
22 12/13/2008 148.5 Edit || Delete
23 12/03/2008 149.1 Edit || Delete
24 12/02/2008 149.8 Edit || Delete
25 11/30/2008 150.9 Edit || Delete
26 11/27/2008 151.6 Edit || Delete
27 11/22/2008 151.8 Edit || Delete
28 11/20/2008 152.9 Edit || Delete
29 11/19/2008 153.1 Edit || Delete
30 11/17/2008 153.5 Edit || Delete
31 10/29/2008 155.0 Edit || Delete
32 10/26/2008 156.4 Edit || Delete
33 10/20/2008 158.9 Edit || Delete
34 10/19/2008 159.5 Edit || Delete
35 10/15/2008 160.6 Edit || Delete
36 10/08/2008 161.7 Edit || Delete
37 10/07/2008 163.0 Edit || Delete
38 10/03/2008 163.8 Edit || Delete
39 10/02/2008 164.8 Edit || Delete
40 09/28/2008 165.0 Edit || Delete
41 09/27/2008 165.1 Edit || Delete
42 09/25/2008 166.0 Edit || Delete
43 09/12/2008 167.9 Edit || Delete
44 09/11/2008 168.5 Edit || Delete
45 08/28/2008 168.4 Edit || Delete
46 08/22/2008 171.0 Edit || Delete
47 08/20/2008 171.8 Edit || Delete
48 08/19/2008 172.6 Edit || Delete
49 08/18/2008 173.8 Edit || Delete
50 08/06/2008 175.0 Edit || Delete
51 08/05/2008 175.6 Edit || Delete
52 08/04/2008 176.3 Edit || Delete
53 08/03/2008 177.6 Edit || Delete
54 08/02/2008 178.5 Edit || Delete
55 08/01/2008 179.0 Edit || Delete
56 07/28/2008 179.8 Edit || Delete
57 07/27/2008 181.2 Edit || Delete
58 07/17/2008 182.5 Edit || Delete
59 07/14/2008 183.0 Edit || Delete
60 07/12/2008 183.0 Edit || Delete
61 07/07/2008 185.0 Edit || Delete
62 07/05/2008 186.5 Edit || Delete
63 06/30/2008 187.0 Edit || Delete
64 06/28/2008 189.5 Edit || Delete
65 06/27/2008 190.5 Edit || Delete
66 06/22/2008 191.5 Edit || Delete
67 06/09/2008 192.0 Edit || Delete
68 06/08/2008 193.0 Edit || Delete
69 06/07/2008 194.0 Edit || Delete
70 06/06/2008 194.5 Edit || Delete
71 06/04/2008 196.0 Edit || Delete
72 06/03/2008 196.5 Edit || Delete
73 06/02/2008 197.5 Edit || Delete
74 06/01/2008 198.0 Edit || Delete
75 05/30/2008 199.0 Edit || Delete
76 05/24/2008 201.0 Edit || Delete
77 05/22/2008 203.5 Edit || Delete
78 05/20/2008 204.0 Edit || Delete
79 05/17/2008 206.0 Edit || Delete
80 05/11/2008 207.0 Edit || Delete
81 05/10/2008 208.5 Edit || Delete
82 05/08/2008 210.0 Edit || Delete
83 05/04/2008 212.0 Edit || Delete
84 05/03/2008 212.0 Edit || Delete
85 05/01/2008 213.5 Edit || Delete
86 04/26/2008 216.0 Edit || Delete
87 04/25/2008 216.5 Edit || Delete
88 04/23/2008 217.0 Edit || Delete
89 04/22/2008 217.5 Edit || Delete
90 04/17/2008 218.5 Edit || Delete
91 03/20/2008 232.0 Edit || Delete
92 02/27/2008 232.0 Edit || Delete
93 02/26/2008 236.0 Edit || Delete
94 02/25/2008 237.0 Edit || Delete
95 02/24/2008 238.0 Edit || Delete
96 02/22/2008 239.0 Edit || Delete
97 02/21/2008 240.0 Edit || Delete
98 02/20/2008 241.0 Edit || Delete

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One Year Surgivesary

Mar 22, 2009

March 22, 2009

In a couple of days I will be celebrating my 1st Year Surgiversary and what a year it's been. 

My positive goals:
I have gone from a size 18 to a size 2/4 (depending on the make).
I have gone down 1 shoe size and I can wear higher heels than I use to.
I have lost over 106 pounds, I didn't keep track of my measurements (I really regret this, note to newbies, take your measurements before surgery).
I have met so many wonderful people on this board.  I honestly couldn't have done it without all you guys.
I look forward to the York Region Support Group Meetings (Andreadoe is a wonderful leader).
I can eat almost everything, but I also respect my tool and therefore I try to make wise and nutritional decisions when eating.
I am diligent in taking my vitamins and maintaining all my Nutritionist's and Surgeon's appointments and both are very impressed and happy with my progress.
I lost 100 pounds on January 10, 2009.
I reached a normal BMI on February 21, 2009.
I can cross my legs comfortably, I can fit comfortably in a chair, I actually shared a chair with my daughter yesterday. 
I wore a two-piece swimsuit when I was on vacation in January.
I shop at normal clothing stores and am able to wear all the trendy clothes out there including low-rise jeans.
I love shopping (a little too much).
I get hit on (and I have to admit, it is flattering and humorous).
My daughter is so proud of me, she thinks I'm beautiful and that means the world to me.
My nieces call me Paris Hilton (okay, don't know if that's a compliment LOL).
My husband loves to show me off, he's always been supportive even when I was heavy but I can really see how proud he is of me and constantly calls me bony (I think he's saying it in an endearing way).
I'm constantly getting compliments (it does get embarrassing at times).
I don't worry about chairs I sit in or that my seat belt on the plane won't fit.
I got a piercing in my bellybutton and due to the fact that my tummy isn't that bad, it actually looks pretty good.
I love going with my girlfriends (I use to dread going to bars or clubs, now I'm the one saying where's the party at).
I feel more confident when I'm at meetings or just walk into a room (I use to think that everyone was looking at how fat I was).
I'm off of the blood pressure pills, water pills and Celebrex.
My health is not perfect but I'm feeling so much better.
I can walk the Mall without being in so much pain.  I can walk the whole Mall instead of just a quarter of it and then need to stop because my knees felt like they would colapse.
I'm not embarrassed to walk together with my husband (I use to feel that people thought I was not only eating my portion but eating he's portion - he's so friggin thin).

What I need to work on:
I still haven't reached my personal goal (which would bring me to the lowest end of my normal BMI) but I'm sure I'll get there eventually.
My weight loss has really slowed down.
I don't drink enough water.
I need to watch my carbs, especially on the weekends.
I need to stop eating chocolate (I don't dump on chocolate, only ice cream and some desserts).
I need to start exercising, it's really hard especially because of my rheumatoid arthritis.
I have spent a fortune on my clothes and it's absolutely crazy, because I hardly get any wear and suddenly their too big for me.
I need to stop getting irritated by people telling me that I'm getting too skinny and I should stop dieting.

But overall I'm very happy with my progress and I truly love what WLS has done for me, as I have said in the past the only regret I have is that I didn't have the surgery sooner.

Thanks to all of you and good luck to all the newbies.  You have certainly found the right place for support and a wealth of information.

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Almost 1 Year Post Op Surgeon Appointment

Mar 18, 2009

March 18, 2009

Well today I had an appointment with Dr. Starr.  It was uneventful, he's very happy with my progress, so far so good.  He had my labs from last week's Nut Appointment and everything is normal - thank God I was worried about that.  He asked me about exercising and I told him I started and I asked him about a referral for a plastic surgeon and I don't need to see Dr. Starr until September.  Tracey gave me three names:  Dr. Kreidstrein, Dr. Backstein and Dr. Wenzel, she told me to do my research and then get back to her for the referrals.  My good friend Andrea (Andreadoe) has been researching for plastics so I'll take her list and start my journey into plastics.  Right now I really can't afford it but I know one day it'll happen and I want to figure out how much it'll cost and what work exactly needs to be done, however I also believe that I need to exercise more, I think I'll see a bit of improvement.  I really don't think I'll need a tummy tuck as my stomach surprisingly has bounced back, although I do have a bit of a muffin top happening when I'm wearing low riser jeans.  My boops really need a lift, whatever is left of the girls LOL. 

Almost 1 Year Post Op Nutritionist Appointment

Mar 09, 2009

March 09, 2009

Today I had an appointment with the nutritionist at 10:00 am.  So I booked the day off and also scheduled an optometrist appointment.  I always try to use my days off productively and try to get in other appointments.  Well don't I get a message saying that they canceled my appointment because 3 people called in sick.  Oh I freaked, first of all it was originally scheduled for 9:00 am and that got changed awhile back and then to have it canceled, I was furious.  Then to make matters worst my optometrist canceled as well, I was fit to be tied.  Well an hour later I got another call from the Nutritionist's office asking if I could make it for 1:00pm (gee do you think they had some cancellations due to the weather this morning) and shortly after that my optometrist called and fit me as well. I guess going insane on the administrative assistants has its merits (no offense to any  administrative assistants out there, I know it's not your fault but unfortunately your the front line employees). 

I saw Diana the - Nutritionist at HRRH (she's filling in for Sue who is on maternity leave) .  I did the weigh in at 138.2 pounds, she reviewed my last labs and everything was good.  She told me that I've been doing great as I've lost an additional 10 pounds since my last visit, which was the last week in December.  She also told me that my BMI is normal (yup I've know this since February 21).  She figures I've lost 42% of body fat, which is disputable as she's using the weight I was after optifast, my calculations is 56.4% using my weight from the beginning of my WLS.  We went through what my an average day of eating is for me and she's was really happy with the choices and the portions I'm eating.  She asked what my personal goal was and I told her 125 pounds and she said that they would like to see me around the 130 pound range.  She told me that the weight loss will really slow down (okay tell me something I don't know).  I also had blood work done again today which coincidentally they lost my requisition which I was waiting there - yup that was my day,how was your day?

My next appointment will be in 6-months and hopefully it'll be without incident.
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Guess who's normal?

Feb 21, 2009

February 21, 2009

I weighed myself this morning and I was ecstatic to say the least.  I have a normal BMI of 24.6, I can't believe it, I did it before my year surgiversary.  Now, with that being said I haven't reached my personal goal I still have 13.7 pounds to go.  I'm already hearing rumbling from co-workers, friends and family that I'm getting too skinny.  WTF first I'm too fat, now I'm too skinny and scrawny too.

I have to do what feels comfortable for me, I just want that extra wiggle room just in case I put 5-10 pounds on.  Anyone else get this crap thrown at them?

+100 Pounds Lost - Finally!!!!

Jan 10, 2009

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Today I woke up and weighed myself, I'm so happy to report that finally I have lost that stubbord few pounds I gained over Christmas, and I'm finally down over 100 pounds.  I am absolutely ecstatic, I also got my Sears cruisewear order that I ordered on-line from the catalogue, I would have never done that when I was overweight..  Everything looks great, actually one of the dresses I ordered was a bit too big.