Almost 1 Year Post Op Nutritionist Appointment

Mar 09, 2009

March 09, 2009

Today I had an appointment with the nutritionist at 10:00 am.  So I booked the day off and also scheduled an optometrist appointment.  I always try to use my days off productively and try to get in other appointments.  Well don't I get a message saying that they canceled my appointment because 3 people called in sick.  Oh I freaked, first of all it was originally scheduled for 9:00 am and that got changed awhile back and then to have it canceled, I was furious.  Then to make matters worst my optometrist canceled as well, I was fit to be tied.  Well an hour later I got another call from the Nutritionist's office asking if I could make it for 1:00pm (gee do you think they had some cancellations due to the weather this morning) and shortly after that my optometrist called and fit me as well. I guess going insane on the administrative assistants has its merits (no offense to any  administrative assistants out there, I know it's not your fault but unfortunately your the front line employees). 

I saw Diana the - Nutritionist at HRRH (she's filling in for Sue who is on maternity leave) .  I did the weigh in at 138.2 pounds, she reviewed my last labs and everything was good.  She told me that I've been doing great as I've lost an additional 10 pounds since my last visit, which was the last week in December.  She also told me that my BMI is normal (yup I've know this since February 21).  She figures I've lost 42% of body fat, which is disputable as she's using the weight I was after optifast, my calculations is 56.4% using my weight from the beginning of my WLS.  We went through what my an average day of eating is for me and she's was really happy with the choices and the portions I'm eating.  She asked what my personal goal was and I told her 125 pounds and she said that they would like to see me around the 130 pound range.  She told me that the weight loss will really slow down (okay tell me something I don't know).  I also had blood work done again today which coincidentally they lost my requisition which I was waiting there - yup that was my day,how was your day?

My next appointment will be in 6-months and hopefully it'll be without incident.

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