VSG to Gastric Bypass Slow Weight Loss

Apr 12, 2019

I was sleeved in 2012 with a high weight of 262 pounds. Within 9 months I was down to 117. I started to get some negative feedback from friends and family members about how I was too skinny. So, I started forcing myslef to eat more so I wouldn't lose anymore weight.

I stayed between 130 & 140 until 2017. I went to see my primary care provider about it and got some Phentermine. That was working well for a short period of time; until I was at work one day and started having heart palpatations and feeling faint. I left work in an ambulance and upon checking my blood pressure in the ER it was 200/100. I was told I should not be taking Phentermine.

I said, I'm not going to stop taking it because I'd rather be skinny again. The nurse then told me she will let my family know they need to get me a skinny casket.

I continued taking the Phentermine on and off for a while until the jitters and anxiety became unbearable. Then, I started to gain weight steadily month after month...10 pounds...12 pounds...etc

I did also have really bad reflux so I went to see a surgeon to talk about revision, using reflux as my excuse.

Well, long story short...I had to go through the entire approval process and 6 months of dieting blah blah blah.

Finally, I had revision surgery on January 7th of 2019 and my weight the day of surgery was 217 pounds.

I went from the sleeve to the gastric bypass.

Today, is April 12, 2019 and I weigh 198 pounds. Weight loss this time around has been very slow and I'm wondering if I am even going to lose any more.

I am looking for guidance.


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