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"My surgeon is Dr. Shina. I was and still am completly impressed with Dr. Shina. He is a no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is doctor, and I truly appreciate that from him. If my impression of Dr. shina has changed over time, it is only for the better. The office staff is quite busy. Holly is the epitomy of what a nurse should be. Gracious, caring, and highly proficient at what she does. I had a few kinks dealing with the office staff, but that was at the very beginning, and these concerns were quickly rectified.rnrnFuture patients should know that Dr. Shina is very blunt, he is not a doctor who is going to coddle you, but he does CARE for you, and take care of you. rnrnAftercare is very important to Dr. Shina. He repeats that WLS is a tool, and you must use the tool for it to work, and you know how to use the tool, for it to work to its maximum benefit. He drills in the fact that once you are a WLS patient, you are forever a WLS patient, and follow up care is necessary for the rest of yoru life! He highly encourages support groups and the like, which are offered through the hospital that he is associated with. rnrnDr. Shina addresses the risks of surgery extensively, as well as what he does to hlep to minimize the risks, and what he expects the patient to do, also. rnrnOver all, I would rate Dr. Shina a 10 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best!). For me, and my husband, we both think that Dr. Shina is the real deal. No fluff no muss, but a world-class doctor!rnrnThank you Dr. Shina, for helping me discover what life shoudl really be like!"
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