Name: Mina
Age: 34
Height: 5'6
Weight: 350
Goal: 150

7/24/07: Referal Consultation

8/16/07: Referal APROVED

8/28/07: Seminar St. Bernardines

9/10/07: Blood work done

9/14/07: Sleep study

9/18/07: E K G 

9/20/07: DR Krahn surgent 1st appt upperGI xrays more lab work

10/1/07: Ultrasound gallblader

10/20/07: Pelvic ultrasound uterus

11/14/07: Psychologist Evaluation

11/26/07: IUD no babies for 5 years!

11/27/07: Surgery referal

Things have changed now i need other exams my insurance needs in order to approve my surgery ugh!!

12/14/07: Indrocardiologist eval clearance for surgery  cushings syndrome test  weird..
12/17/07: 24hr urine test blood work..

12/20/07: OBGYN  IUD check up

12/27/07: Pulmonary eval

12/27/07: Pulmonary function test at hospital

12/28/07: Cardiologist clearance and hopefully this is it and i get approved and i can get a surgery date sometime in the near 2008 future...

2/5/08  nutrition class pre op

2/7/08 appt with Dr Krahn  pre op

2/11/08    SURGERY!!!       Parkview Hospital Riverside Ca
2/28/08 Team Clearance Anesthesiaologist Clearance and Dr Coon do to high BMI
3/3/08 re schedule surgery date! due to cold and congestion

 I'm sooooo stressed out and tired of all this just want to get it done and start my new life i have cried, yelled, laughed, screamed you name it so many emotions all this has caused i just had an appt that makes me doubt i will be getting this surgery im doing  a  24hr urine sample testing me for cushings syndrome if i come back possitive i doubt this Dr will clear me for surgery i would have to get treated for it...this syndrome is weird i have never heard of it in my life till now but i seem to fit every example of it "moon face" fat in center area of my body only  i have skinny legs skinny hands and i have gained weight dramatically... i belive the gain weight has to do with being on depo  for two years after my daughters birth i gained over 65lbs but this doctor swears its the syndrome! im sooo pist but i have to go by the rules and insurance needs his clearance in order to approve my surgery im sooo loosing my hair over this..... one exam done couple more to go we will see what happends...

Me being stressed and upset is not even close to how i feel it all goes back to a couple months ago well i started this whole journey back in July perfect timed and calculated to complete all my exams and stuff required for surgery and approvals etc... well my calculations had to do with my insurance expireing and rolling over to share of cost 724.00dlls a month in Nov 31,2007 yeah right!  im a single mom of three i could not afford that at all ever.... more chunks of hair falling of my head  stress stressed out! my worker helped me and suggested me going on stress leave disability and talk to my primary doctor and of course my lovely Dr helped and understood i could not be working feeling sooo stressed and worried
i had given up i would be fat for the rest of my  life for ever i had went thru so much so many exams appts  i could never afford this surgery in my lifetime i was mentally prepared for the big changed in my life and then this!.. problems at work as well..  and my employer does not provide insurance for me not for a long time all these words were said to my DR she just heard me thru while i cried and got very upset.. and guess what she did?? she put me on disability.... so that ment my insurance would extend for another whole year!! like i said earlier i had calculated perfectlly but things went wrong at the DR Krahns office Riverside office i must say.. they treated my case as a certain insurance that requires 6 months of nutrition classes so they put me a side and nop! my insurance did not require 6 months of that i found all this out when i called and called asking for my phsy eval till she looked at my folder and found out it was a missunderstanding she said ugh i was so mad i could've gotten my phsyc eval a lot sooner and done required stuff in time and probably right now be on the looser bench side but nope still going thru more and more paper work i really wanted surgery before the holidays  and get back to work in the new year i was mentally prepared looking foward to it all and after all this it makes me think diffrently maybe its not for me maybe its a sign maybe i should not do it etc...  I'm still on disability getting all these appts taken care of just a waitting time for me ...

Dec 14. 07 guess what?? Im mad again i called disability to see how my  case is going and they dont have a case open for me yet so i called my Dr office and she just sent the forms in!! I went on disability Nov 19 almost a month ago its almost Christmas!! and im sooo hurting for gifts money and other stuff to pay for around here remeber i have three kids its  gonna be a sad Christmas for my kiddos but i'll try to make the best  of it thats all i have right now give myself strength and get thru it well i better go to bed and call it the day ill continue on this later... nite nite.....

phew im finally done with all my exams test and such now i just have to wait for insurance approval and tah tah i can get a date for my re birth!! im exited and very scared and very anxious to get this ball rolling am happy i came out ok on all the test i was starting to get a little worried on the cushing test they had me do but i came back clear and ok for surgery now my other problem is i have to loose some weight before i see DR Krahn last time i saw him was back in Sept 20/07 and i weigh in at 341 
im almost sure i weigh more then that by now since i been thru so much and have not really sticked to a diet plus three wonderfull holidays i been thru etc nowm ill i need is him to delay my surgery do to me not loosing so starting tomorrow im not gonna eat what i should not oh and tomorrow there is a get together for wls patients parkview area and i might go and meet a couple of people from this wonderful forum 
went to my pre op appt with krahn today i weigh in at 351 geshus crist i gained 10lbs how horrible he was not happy about that but totally understood my reasons stressing waitting and no supervised diet i really thought i was not gonna get it no more holidays got in my mouth and so on but he decided to go ahead and do my surgery this coming monday yay!

Yea!! i finally got a    Date!!! 2/11/08  phew after so much running back and forth with exams and stuff now im scared!! nervous and anxious just need some prayers to get me thru this 

fasting all day for two days till my surgery just liquids wanna shrink this liver and loose some pounds and tomorrow i will be taking a fleet prep kit eww im soooooo nervouss!

well if its not one thing its another MY SURGERY HAS BEEN RESCHEDULE 3/3/08 
Oh my ... what a horrible day.. here i am mentally physical preparing myself for this huge experience crying, worrying doubting and writing my last good-byes just in case something goes wrong with this surgery getting my Mom to take care of my kids.... protein diet for a week and last two days before surgery just liquids and fleet my but!,,, ugh! i was so ready preparing my tummy and shrinking my liver for this big procedure well Friday i came down with a soar throat and continued to get ugly .. very congested slept thru Saturday trying to heal drank some cough syrup and a hot tea to clear my chest and it did help but once i got to the Pre op to get ready for surgery today they prepared me, blood work IV put in place blood thinner shot.. last concerns with surgeon before surgery any questions??? he said then while i was saying bye to my hunni before i go in for surgery i started coughing i cough a little deep and doctor questioned me and said OHH no IM gonna have to change your date that's a horrible cough and you sound very congested that could give you problems after surgery... days in ventilator pneumonia and who knows what so lets be safe and get you back here March 3 and he also said i looked sick do to me crying I wish they could've given me something to calm relax me... my eyes were swollen a little but i did feel good and yeah a little congested he continued to say...all the germs going from your nose to your tummy will be gone and your cough will be gone and we can have a great here i am... OK thinking in my head i rather be at home then stressed and worried and scarred so i jumped off changed and they pulled out my IV and i was sitting waiting for discharged from NO surgery thinking i will never go back to that its sooo scary!! i dont know how many times i just wanted to come back home because i was so worried they did not calm me down i was very scarred i really want this done and IM prepared for it all but ge****s an awful feeling...and after all that i get back home happy to see my kids and mother like if i had been away for a long time they ran out and hugged me felt good to be home like never before.. and the first thing my mother says is EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON IM so glad you did not do it you could do this on your own no need to be putting yourself and kids thru this just eat healthy and exercise and sooo on now here am crying wile i write this and IM sure IM not making any sense cause IM so upset now cause i will BE FAT FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!! IM so tired have not ate or slept for couple days now so i feel terrible it was a wild ride i didn't even get on plus my job is on the line i was expected back to work by march so now i better start looking some where else for one IM sooo upset maybe its not really for me but IM sooo fat i need help!! anyway thanks to you all that said a prayer for me on this day hugs and thanks for being here so i can cry and let it all out 

 How silly i was and dumb to be upset... my thoughts this morning after a rough night coughing and having hard time breathing and i did not have surgery!! can you imagine?
im soo happy very happy to be alive? gesh who knows what could've happend to me yesterday im glad to have a Dr who cares for me... and my well being i really do feel like shit guess all that anxiety made it tone down yesterday my god it was a horrible day i was very scarred i really want this surgery done i need help i need that wonderfull tool but i cannot stop thinking of what if's im going to take these two weeks till my date to really think things over i need soo much support i need to go to a support meeting maybe that would help....\

I got a call asking me to go to Dr office they had to review my case  a team case review do to me having a high BMI and i had to go see the Anesthesialogist to get cleared after all that running around everything came out ok i was cleared and ready to go for monday morning kinda bumbed since they changed me to a second patient i was going to be the first patient before but somethng happend and they changed me to second that morning and asked me to come in at 8:00 am that morning other then thant im ready to work this tool to the fullest! waitting waitting...


Here i am again same old feeling three weeks ago my emotions are going nuts i have to do it all over again this time i will have a 45 minute drive without my husband he has to be somewhere else  and cannot drive me to the hospital he promise to be there in my recovery room as soon as i wake up i cannot be a sissy and use his arm to cry on i have to be strong and get it over with come back home in good condition for my kids cant be a whimp i really want this and god knows im gonna work this tool  i just got back from Rideaid i bought my fleet cleaner kit how fun... and i got my feet done made time go by with no worries and ugly thoughts im very excited and looking foward in getting to know my pouch size of a thumb.. my little thumbelina will show me what i should and should not eat little bit at a time i have not really lost any weight my lard is stuborn i have said my last good byes to all that nasty yuky food that got me where i am today im very sure i will not miss one bite thinner taste better then fast food i bet...i thank you all in advance for all your prayers

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