13 years Surgiversary

Nov 01, 2018

Surgiversary post!
13 years ago, I got my virgin (open) DS. It's been a wild ride with an incredible learning curve, but thankfully for you all today, a group such as this exists to keep us all healthy. Back when I got mine, we had another board and after we noticed we were having similar challenges, especially with A and D, we started comparing notes and now through pages like this, we share with everyone.

My highest weight was 286, which is probably where I was on my before photo. It was so devastating to see this photo come up many years ago. I lost all the way to 139 (for about 3 seconds). I settled in the 140's for a couple years and then gained 10, then another 10. Today I'm ranging between 155 and 165 (size 10) with no effort at all and I don't sweat this little bit of gain. I'm done fighting my weight and refuse to obsess. I had a hernia in my 2nd year post op due to me being stubborn about lifting a soaking wet bag of topsoil and not waiting for assistance.

I eat protein forward (lots of cheese), but enjoy many taboo snacks with mindful attention not to go crazy on them. Even as I was losing, I counted protein and fluids, not carbs. Who had room for them after eating protein? I would always save a bite or two for whatever I wanted as I was losing, knowing that deprivation played bad games with my head. Allowing that indulgence when nearly full left me happy to have a treat, but full enough not to get into trouble.

Nobody would guess I had wls at all to watch me eat. I just eat like a thin person, leaving a little behind on my plate when my body tells me I'm full. I have learned not to push myself beyond that wall. I also eat often, every couple of hours, nibbling on something. I am a diet coke and iced tea addict. I know not good practices for the noobs, but I'm being transparent and I feel wonderful.

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