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"The organization is so wonderful with the New Life Surgery Center. They won't take patients 'on a whim'. Before they'll even let you schedule an appt, they first require you to go to an informational seminar that they hold once a month. rnOne thing I was first impressed with is that they did not push one type of surgery. The New Life Surgery Center does DS and RNY, so they presented both in an equal light and instructed us to make our own decisions. They brought two patients in who were two years post-op, one DS and one RNY, and invited us to atted both support groups.rnrnOnce you decide and get insurance approval, the process went by quickly. I had a pre-op physical with Dr.Anderson and she was SO nice! Her med asst had RNY, but took extra pains to become knowledgeable about DS, too and was very helpful and able to answer any questions I had. rnrnThe next step was pre-op testing at Kettering hospital and they included a class in the afternoon showing everything that was going to happen after surgery and all the tubes and stuff attached to us, followed by a presentation by a nutritionist. I have been impressed with the organization of it all. So far, it's been a great experience.rn____________________________rnNow I'm a year post op, and Dr. Rita was so excited about my progress. I think that is her favorite part of her work! My recovery was totally smooth and flawless. I attribute so much of my success to her!rnrnrnrnrnrnrn"
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