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For as long as I can remember I have been overweight.  As a child I was always very upset about it.  I remember being a very thin and athletic child.  I was very active and busy.  In my family we rarely watched tv or sat in the house.  My mother never bought chips or sugar candies or fruit snacks we never had pop or high calorie juices.  Heck we had to beg for Kool Aid.  I grew up with two sisters and my mom.  My parents went through a divorce when I was 4 years old.  After that I can remember just filling out.  Who knows was I just struggling with a never ending battle my genes or was I eating out of emotional loss.  I will never know that but what I do know is that I spent my entire childhood overweight.  As a young child it never phased but as I moved forward in life and got bigger and bigger it has had a huge effect on my life.  When I entered high school I was crazy I got in trouble I had a ton of friends I always felt like I needed to be accepted.  I got in some trouble but no more than any other teenager.  The usual drinking, curfew, and lying.  I was a normal teenager with a very strict but loving mother.  She made me everything I am today.  After high school I got a job at the Cleveland Clinic as a patient access representative.  I went to school and hung out with friends.  I kind of ignored the weight problem.  I worked out and did a ton of yo yo dieting.  I joined centers and lost lots of weight.  To my disappointment I lost and gained numerous times.  I never thought surgery was an option.  I am a hard worker and with a little more discipline and hard work I could get there.  In September of 2005 I decided to get a trainer and I told myself if I do not see results in 6 months I am going to pursue surgery. As 8 months neared and I saw no results I knew this was my chance.  I was also wearing this obnoxious CPAP to bed to help me overcome my sleep apnea.  I signed up for surgery in July 2006 and the journey has moved forward from here...


My surgeonMy surgeon Dr Schauer, Cleveland Clinic

August 2006-October2006

I attended my introduction seminar and my boyfriend came with me.  They took my picture and I had no idea where this was going to lead me.

I got all my nutrtion appointments done, a letter from my primary physician, my EKG, my stomach ultrasound, all my labs.  I have met with the surgeon twice and I was a little intimidated but he seems like he really knows his stuff. 

October 24, 2006

Last week was supposed to be my last and final appointment with the psychologist, however I had to park seven blocks away from the building and run down nine flights of stairs, not to mention wearing stilletto heels.  I thought to call the office to let them know that I was running late.  They told me that I would have to cancel and they could fit me in December 6.  December 6!  I went into panic I hung up and went into the stairs in the garage and just cried.  I screamed, and I cried.  I was letting out all my frustration and getting rid of all these emotions that have bottled inside of me since July.  I pulled myself together and called the office they were able to fit me in because they had a cancellation on October 25!  This is tomorrow!  This is just like me to panic before thinking I guess it is my ADHD behavior.  So I am going tomorrow and you better believe I will be leaving earlier this time!

October 25, 2006

Today I went to see the psychologist and boy was it discouraging.  They told me that I need to go see the nutritionist one more time.  I told them that I love cheese and now they are making me do more appointments.  Does it ever end?  I have gotten my clearance from nutrition so I don't even know what I am talking to her about.  I am already taking my post op vitamins and practicing my new eating habits.  I can't believe this!  I don't even have anything to talk to her about.  It just makes me mad because I have been so dedicated to this surgery.  I've done everything possible to prove my commitment and I am still not getting anywhere.  I finished my checklist and I am hoping to know something from the insurance company this week or next.  I'm just getting really bummed out because no matter how much I do it is still not enough!  What a day!   

October 26, 2006

So today I talked to Debra Cash the financial counselor at the Cleveland Clinic.  She was so helpful!  Since I have to go see the psychologist and nutrtionist one more time I will not be able to go in for insurance approval till after that.  That is ok, I will be fine with that.  My original appointments are set for December 1.  I called a re scheduled them for November 24 and 15.  Get them done!  I just feel like they are looking for something to be wrong with me.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Sometimes I feel like I have not done enough.  Shouldn't this be harder?  The emotion and waiting part have been my hardest this far.  Of course the insurance company has not gotten involved yet. That is a whole new world there.  Thanks so much for the wonderful people that I have talked to on here.  I finally feel like I am not alone! 


10/24/2006     248 pounds     BMI:  43.5     Pounds lost -0

12/27/2006     245 pounds     BMI:  43.4     Pounds lost -3

Post Op

January 17    235 pounds     BMI:  41.4      Pounds lost -13


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