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Jan 07, 2009

So I went to see Dr. Kurian today and got a fill I'm up to 8.0 cc's in a 10 cc band (not like I even understand how that works).  I hope this fill works better than the last one. I gained 1 lbs of which I'm actually happy about.  I enjoyed the holidays and ate without regard.  I didn't binge but my inner fat buddy was out there.  I still kept going to the gym because I knew that would at least balance out the weight.  But I'm happy that even with all the wonderful holiday food I ate I only gained 1 lb.  This time last year I had gained 12 lbs over the holidays alone.  Thats something to celebrate.  I'm ok with my progress so far and now I'm back to business.  I'm doing some traveling this year.  Next week I'll be going to the Poconos for 5 days to celebrate my 2 year wedding anniversary.  I'm looking forward to that because when I went last year I was 252 lbs, I was depressed, I couldn't do any of the snow activities and I didn't even have as much sex I should have.  This year, you best believe I'll be busting my ass lovely skiing, snowmobiling and fucking.   Next month I'll be in Chicago visiting my godson.  In July I'll be in Myrtle Beach, SC and in November I'll be on a 10 day vacation (3 days in Puerto Rico and 7 days on a 5 island carribean cruise) all paid for and booked.   I think this is what I like about the band, the fact that it has helped me gained the confidence to plan these things and actually look forward to them.   Anyway I'll be doing a couple of boot camps in the spring in the city.  If anyone is interested in the boot camps please email me through here or at [email protected]


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