Aloha,  I'm a 31 years old and hoping to have surgery in the near future.  Actually, I've been entertaining the decision for a few years now.  Not until I saw what a tremendous impact it has made in few people's lives did I actually see the light.  Perhaps I should have made this decision long ago, but I was plagued by the anxiety of even thinking about surgery. 

I have been going through many health issues lately and my recent diagnosis is gall stones.  GALL STONES?  WTF?  Now I really need to go through surgery.  My PCP, Dr. Cheryl Myers (Straub Hawaii) referred me to Dr. Katie Huang which ended up being a mini consult.  She said she could do both surgeries at once.  I really have to get my gall bladder removed.  There's no other alternative to remove my stones.  I gotta do it.  So, I might as well do it right?  Sounds logical right? 

I have my appointment with the Dietician on August 31. 

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