I have been over weight for most of my life.  It seems as if all I thought about was how much I weighed and how I could get the weight off.  I tried every diet out there, read all the books, new all the rules, and still my weight crept up.  Then on 4/27/08 my family and I left for vacation to Georgia to see my stepson graduate from bootcamp.  We were hit by a car that morning and my 14 year old son Joshua was killed.  At that moment nothing was important anymore, not my weight, not my health, nothing.  I have survived the first year one day at a time with the help of my husband and my now 12 year old daughter, Amber.  This last holiday season, we took a trip to Mexico.  Something we had been planning to do but put off.  (You always think you have all the time in the world)  My daughter Amber wanted to go parasailing (which is something I was going to do with Joshua, but never got a chance to do).  We went, and I almost couldn't put on the biggest life jacket on the boat.  That moment was kind of an awakening for me.  I realized I had a lot more stuff that I wanted to do in life (especially with Amber).  My husband and I have been saving forever for our retirement (ha) and I realized I wouldn't be able to do anything I wanted to unless I lost weight.  Hell, I might not live that long.  I don't have any major health issues now, but who knows, the history is there.  And something I learned,...you don't have all the time in the world!  So here I am.  I've attended the informational seminar and have turned in my paperwork.  I'm waiting for the dr to call me so we can get started.  I'm not a very patient person, so wish me luck.

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