My story is a long one and a lonely one as well. I have been obese most of my life and have had medical problems most of my life as well. I have had heart problems and I have also had blood clots and other medical problems that I have right now. I need to have the surgery in order to better my health and my life. I need to acquire this tool so that I can work towards a healthy goal and give myself a better chance to actually live a long life and enjoy my grandchildren. I merely want to have a chance to enjoy life without all the pain. I have chronic back pain and some days my legs almost do not work at all. I just turned 47 on the 29th of October and that is just too young for someone to give up on life. I feel any age if there is a way that you could be more comfortable and be able to live a longer life is too young to just accept that as your fate and suffer. Some people look at you different when you are overweight, and that hurts as well. They watch to see how big the portions are that you are eating because they think automatically that thats what got you to that point anyway!  I am sure that anyone that has struggled with obesity knows that its not always what you do or do not eat that causes the problems its what your body does with it that makes the difference.  I do not eat huge portions and I sometimes skip meals altogether because I am not hungry at all and it never seems to make a difference with my body.  My mom was a small boned woman and my dad was a tall slender to medium build man so people think that automatically that I should be built the same.  I actually carry some of the genetics I think of my fathers sisters who were all obese at one time or another, well there I go generalizing myself most of his sisters were overweight.  I have tried so many diets in my life to sit here now and try to remember them all is almost impossible, but there were many.

I was able to lose some weight several different times in my life with the aid of diet pills and then as soon as I stopped the diet pills I was right back to the original weight and had usually paced on more.  The Yo-Yo dieting and weight loss is hard on your body as well as your self esteem and your mind.

I have been trying to get the surgery since 2003 and I am still fighting.  I lost my mom last May from Brain cancer and Lung Cancer and she urged me to have a mamogram before she passed on and in June I took her advice and had one and there was a mass that was discovered and had to be taken out, a stereo-tactic biopsy and 3 surgeries later its gone and thank God there was no cancer!  I praise God for that because they had given the bi-rad rating of 4-5 and that is 90% cancerous I was told by the surgeon.  Everything they removed was non-cancerous.  I also had to have a full cardiology workup done for the surgery and found that I have a 25 % blockage and got the blessing from the cardiologist to go ahead he said all the surgery could do would be to help me.

I have been sent to a Nuerologist from my PCP because of back pain and found that I have a bulging disk and also spurs on my spine and arthritis pretty bad, he mentioned surgery but said at my weight he would not attempt it because he did not think that I would make it through it .  He also reccomended the surgery but says he would go for the lap band he did not care for the RNY, well final choice will be me and the Dr doing the surgery but at least I know now that my pain in not all in my mind and I can actually see proof of why I am hurting.

I have already spent a good part of 2007 in the doctors offices for different things but my mind is clear to what I am bound for and that is to gain control of my life and make the changes I need to insure that I am able to spend my life with my family and be healthy and able to get on with things I am not able to do now.

I am currently filling out another packet and getting my medical records ready to send to the clinic.  I am so ready for this to happen to me and happen soon! 





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