Missing Mom and determined to not give up!

Apr 09, 2007

I miss my mom who passed away last May, but with that love that I have for her I also have the determination to hold out and get this surgery.  I do not want to lose my family because I sat back and done nothing.  I need help with my weight now as well.  I have been having a hard time here lately and I can't quite figure it ouT.  I am so sleepy most of the time and its hard to function and this can be after sleeping 12 hours.  It may very well be the apnea I am not sure, but its taxing my patience!  That along with pounding headaches make it hard to accomplish anything other than getting through the day at work and then making it home.  I need some energy!  I will not give up!

Just Me

Nov 04, 2006

I am finally able to utilize the tools on this website and I no longer feel so lost!  Thanks OH You are appreciated!

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Missing Mom and determined to not give up!
Just Me