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"My surgeon that I am currently attempting to gain approval for the surgery is Dr Weiss, through the Georgetown Bariatric Center. I met him for the first time at one of the seminars and I actually spoke to him personally following the seminar. I immediately felt a warmth and caring with him that made me feel even more sure that I was doing the right thing. The office staff was awesome as well when I went for my first visit I was so totally impressed! They have a website where you can vent, share feelings, help others in their struggles as well as feel at home with friends! It's my choice and they are great! I have no negative thoughts about them at all! rnrnAs an add on: I met Dr John Oldham as he was designated as my primary surgeon and my surgeon was awesome I cannot begin to say enough good things about him, his bedside manner was very nice he was genuinely concerned about my welfare and well being very understanding and caring, he was also able to repair a hiatal hernia while doing the gastric bypass surgery. This had been giving me trouble for awhile as well and he repaired that while he was in there as well! I say it again I cannot say enough good things about this center and these surgeons! rnrnThere is great aftercare and also all risks regarding the surgery during and post op as well were gone over with me they sent me to a physical therapist and got me ready and educated on the exercise options after surgery and some before! I thank them so much for giving me my life back!"
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