Linda Sue S. 15 years, 12 months ago

Saw Vickie today at the hospital. She has had quite a struggle, but is on the mend. Plans are for her to go home (to her mother's home) on Saturday and then back to the hospital on January 2nd for another "swallow test". Assuming everything is alright then, she will be cleared to receive oral nourishment. Sorry it's been so long since a post from me. I had my surgery on Dec 5th and have been away from a computer until a couple of days ago. And I wanted to see Vickie today before I posted. Everything went well for me. In fact, as of today, I'm down 26 pounds.

Linda Sue S. 16 years ago

Can you hear me shouting a glorious HALLELUJAH across the internet? Spoke with Vickie this evening. I called to check with her family and her daughter, April, said "Wait a minute" and the next voice I heard was Vickie's. My heart leapt with joy. She sounds weak, but really good. She has given me permission to give out details to you guys. She developed a fever within a couple of days of her surgery. After a bunch of tests, Dr. B had to go back in with an open procedure. Evidently she had a leak somewhere which caused an infection. She was in ICU for 4 days, in a regular room for a few days and then back into ICU for about 12 days. She is now in a "step-down" room. That's a room in between ICU and a regular room, with more care/attention than a regular room. Tomorrow, Dr. B. will be testing to make sure the leak is all healed. If test results are OK, she can start with some ice chips and then move on to oral nourishment. She needs to build up her strength. In case you all didn't know how special Vickie is, the only reason she didn't want details out before now was concern for all of you. She didn't want her circumstance to discourage anyone from going forward with their own decision for surgery. I told her she can't carry that load. She agreed. Everybody has to decide for themselves. As has already been posted, every type of surgery poses some risks, some more than others. This is a serious surgery. No one should decide to go forward with this without considerable research, prayer and thoughtful consideration. Choosing the specific procedure and then the Dr. are just the first steps. The commitments to lifestyle changes after surgery are, I think, just as important. We all have various health issues which we hope will not complicate our surgery and hopefully will be lessened as a result of the weight loss. Only time will answer that. Now let me brag on Dr. B for a moment. I happened to have had an appointment with him about an hour after he had seen Vickie in ICU the first time around. When I mentioned Vickie, his whole countenance changed and clouded over with visible agitation. Vickie's family have spoken several times of his extraordinary efforts and concern. He cares so much for his patient's welfare. He even cut his Thanksgiving holiday with his family short to come to the hospital to personally check on an issue and spend time with Vickie. My own surgery is scheduled for Thursday, the 5th and I wouldn't have anyone else as my surgeon. That's the highest compliment I could offer him, my own willingness to place my well being in his competent hands and those of his team. I also know that he is a man of prayer and that causes my inner "Spirit man" to smile. I have a mental image of Jesus standing in the OR, just behind and to the left of Dr. B with His right hand on Dr. B's left shoulder as he prepares to perform my procedure. Keep praying for Vickie. She needs to continue to gain her strength. And, keep praying for her family. They are tired, but breathing a sigh of relief. Linda Sue

Sharon Neva 16 years ago

VICKIE~~ GLAD TO HEAR YOU'RE DOING BETTER ~~ ~~ May you always have an Angel by your side......Someone there to catch you if you fall, Encouraging your dreams....Inspiring your happiness, Holding your hand and helping you through it all

Linda Sue S. 16 years ago

Just talked with Vickie's daughter, April. Vickie is doing a little better. Her fever was down most of yesterday. So, that is very good news. Everybody keep praying. Linda Sue

asumamma1 16 years ago

Hi Vickie---just stoppin in to say hello and to let you know that we are all praying for a fast recovery from this setback! I'll be wishing and hoping that you are able to be home for the holidays with your loving family. Love and hugs!!

asumamma1 16 years ago

Vickie--We're all praying for your speedy recovery! We know you'll soon be up an about!

Audrey L. 16 years ago

.so sorry to hear about the bump in the road you are going through, please know that you and your family are in my thoughts and in my prayers, may God give each and every one of you the strength you need to make it through this ordeal, may God be with you

L. Brown 16 years ago

Vickie and Family, many prayers being sent your way for a complete recovery. God Bless. {{{HUGS}}}

Cori W. 16 years ago

Vickie, Hang in there and try to have a positive attitude and soon you will be getting back to feeling better. You are in my prayers.

Leigh Anne C. 16 years ago

Vickie, I hope you are feeling better soon and can be home with your family. You are in my prayers.
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