Jell-o Sugar Free Gelatin

"YUMMY! good after surgery, when on liquid diet. "

Steven Simper

"My first impression of Dr. Simper was excellent. My friend at work assured me he is an excellent surgeon but stated his bedside manner lacked! I have met with him during a consult and actually found him to be very personable! ;0). Please know that Dr. Simper is very professional. He is well versed! I can tell he is always reading and promoting bariatric surgery. He even mentioned to me he has gone to battle with insurance companies and employers to get funding for us to have surgery. Alot of insurers in utah do not cover this surgery. Dr. Simper emphasizes after care and the importance of following the "program" and risks involved during the surgery."

Rita Phillips

"I loved speaking with Rita! She was very informative about gastric by pass patients post op diets, she provided me with hand outs with great information."
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