where it all started..

Jan 28, 2007

Honestly the battle has been over 10 years, I was a thin teenager, then boom...and I first started the diet battle in 1990-Nutri system -lost 30 lbs, then gained it back and more..then WW , a gym, lost it, and gained it back and more..this continues for 10 years + as I try EVERYTHING.

Suzanne Somers, Richard Simmons, Susan Powter, Dr. Phil,Oprah, The ZOne, South Beach, WW many times, Dr Berstein, Herbal Magin, Diet Centre, Natropath, vitamin B12/6 injections, Xenical, Jenny Craig..and on and on... and 2 beautiful children--and now 100 lbs overweight. sleep apnea, acid reflux, sore feet, knees, no energy, kidney stones..and well I don't look so great.


 talked to my Dr about WLS the first time about 4 years ago, and he referred me to a local Dr here in SSM -Dr. Bothwell, I finally got a consult --8 months after referral, and he had his hospital privledges taken away for misconduct with a patient and then  bam..he had left town. NO other local options...Dr.s out of town in southern ontario with 5 year waits...back to the diet board..

and still here I am 150 lbs over weight.

I hear about lap band....do a search, and figure 16, 000 of debt...damn. But a new car? or a new me? I vote me. SOO, I start reading...and I contact Dr. Coubourn in Toronto, I have a phone consult, and can get this done in a few months...wow.

then I find this board..and i see other options...and I realize that I could qualify for OCC with OHIP--I read and read and read and research, and realize RNY is my what is best for me...and Barix is the best of the best...( they are RAVED about) and I feel the leak test is essential. They also ONLY do WLS--which is important to me.

Its 5-6 hour drive..but if I get approved...no $16000 debt.  I can bite the drive. SO now I have applied for OHIP ( my Dr was awesome and supportive)--and wait ...meanwhile...I book a consult at BARIX and go next week..the 5th of FEB.--I can not wait.

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