Eric Thoburn

"Dr. Thoburn is a bright, talented surgeon. I like him. But, having worked for Florida's Secretary of Health (a doctor) for years, I can also tell you that Dr. Thoburn is a CLASSIC surgeon. He is very direct and "no nonsense." He is polite but really has very little bedside manner at first. He spent very little time talking to me each day in the hospital. Sometimes, it left me with a pretty uncertain feeling. And there was one thing I thought was very insensitive concerning my husband. We were told that Dr. Thoburn would come out to the waiting room after my surgery, while I was in Recovery, and inform my husband and family of my progress/status. Well, he didn't. He just called my husband's cell phone and told him I was fine and he'd be able to see me in a while. It really gave my husband a bit of a scare. Dr. Thoburn warms up more and more at each visit. Almost seems like he invests more as he sees a patient sticking with it and investing in his/herself. The office staff is nice, but not always 100% on time with follow-up calls and return calls at first. They've gotten much better over the past year of getting to know them. AND, they really helped me schedule my surgery quickly when I explained the limitations of my work schedule."

Morris Bird

"I saw Dr. Bird on a Tuesday and he arranged for me to have a sleep study THAT Friday. I was surprised at how quickly everything moved along."

Jason Lohr

"Dr. Lohr and his wife, are both Residents at the Family Health Center of Florida Hospital, Orlando. Dr. Lohr is extremely compassionate and attentive. He is a Christian and both my husband and I were instantly encouraged by his level of care and concern. The minute I mentioned an interest in WLS, he made a commitment to assist in any way possible. He wrote a very good letter to AvMed for me and asked about my progress getting the surgery approved every time I went in for a visit. "
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