I’m 44 married to the greatest guy for 13 years no children. ’t No obesity didn’t stand in the way   we didn’t want to procreate. Standing at 5’8” my weight was 321    on surgery day.


    I’ve battled weight all my life I’m the youngest of seven children and seems like I’ve always been the biggest in  the family  always . My story is similar to most it always takes hitting rock bottom to pull yourself up Well let me start ,in 1999 I had brain surgery I was morbidly obese going into that operation . The Dr said there would be one chance in a thousand I could stroke out on the table.  Well I would have never won that raffle at the church benefit but oh I hit the jackpot that day NOT!!!!  I awoke from brain surgery totally paralyzed on, my left side Oh did I mention lucky me I’m left handed.  That was the beginning of the end. There I was fat and crippled lost my life as I knew it. So I buried my emotions in buckets of ice cream. Seriously it got so bad my hubby threw away every spoon in the house being totally unaware you can eat ice cream with a fork. I ballooned up to 321 pounds my all time high I was disgusting I was so big I could hardly find clothes which was ok because I had no energy to do anything anyways. I lived on this computer it was my window to the world. When I stumbled upon this website it was a god-send. While I rehabbed my fat butt out of a wheelchair struggling every step of the way I researched this procedure I was addicted to find a better life. I approached my Dr. with the idea of gastric surgery and I was shocked he was all for it. I dieted the minute we sent in the papers to my insurance I didn’t want to have the surgery to be open. I didn’t   want to burden my close network of peeps and family I had already put them through enough. The wheels moved quickly I had a DATE I was approved and schedule with in six months.


May 2, 2005


 Gastric   Surgery was more frightening than my lobotomy because the odds were similar and we all know my history. But to my amazement it went textbook I was home in two days and  I promised myself If I had this opportunity I would not abuse the chance So I started to fight for me . And for the first time in my life I felt good about myself the pounds started to fall off I’m the poster –girl for this procedure  and as the pounds dropped . My ability to help myself from my stroke skyrocketed.  . My mobility went from being totally aided with cane and help or wheelchair to being able to walk by myself with a cane.  I still walk with my cane but just outside.  That I can live with. Plus it’s a great conversation starter. . I was finally breaking free from the prison my body held me in. My hubby bought me a treadmill and I had a special brace made for my left leg to aide my walking I started out at half a mile an hour and could barely make it five minutes I eventually worked my way up and out of that cumbersome brace the only shoe that would fit that brace was my hubby’s work shoe steel toed bootblack work boot and a white nike   lol yeah great visual. Yes it was as ugly as I felt. I eventually burned that brace in a bonfire we had I cried that night   thinking how far I had already come not even knowing where I still was going . That day was in Sept of 2005 I had lost 61 pounds at that point and I swear to god I felt light as a feather lol. Well my next purchase was a old rickety three wheeled pedal bike but I was to afraid to ride it that year so on the treadmill I stayed I went from being in mobile to a exercise junkie addiction transfer . By the end of 2005 (I hit my hundred pounds off. I was now only 4 pounds away from being the lightest in my adult life. I was afraid every day that this tool wouldn’t work for me nothing else had so I threw every thing I had into being absolutely compliant. As to this day I can eat anything I want but protein always first. I drink no soda last sip was may 1 2005 no caffeine limited carbs thank god I was a ice cream addict not a carb junkie because they have splenda ice cream a little satisfies me   My first year any 5-2-2006 I weighed in at 193 that’s a 123 pounds off and put me in onederland and drum roll please a size 14 from a skin tight 32 a year earlier. I was hanging on tight I had no idea where this ride was taking me and I am still grasping. My initial goal was a size 18 and under 200 Hubby married me at 208 pounds size 24 My senior year I wore a men’s size 38 I had no idea how to shop but it sure was fun learning .In May 2006 one of my best friends got my butt on my bike with his patients and care I learned how to hold the handlebars and keep my bad foot on the pedals we rode every night that summer.  I’d ride my three wheeled bike to the local thrift stores and buy them out. You’d be surprised at how many bags you can carry in that oversized basket.  Being from a midsize town every knows me for literally for pedaling my butt off in town. Negative attention positive attention I don’t care its still attention. My next goal was to hit my ideal weight which is 164 that I did 10-2-06 My best friend whom I’d always admired in a non woman’s prison way gave me some of her castoffs that she could no longer get in I thought are you out of your mind you are and have always been so small and still are These will never fit me She goaded me to try them on there. I was skeptical but Holy Jesus they fit. Size ten Levis she said I told you so hmmmmm. WOW MOMENT  I went back to my hometown which is so small we had three police officers and the chief was my oldest brother for 30 years  so yes every knows me I would run into someone I’ve known my entire life and they had no clue who I was ??  at this point of the journey I started to learn about the life on the other side  I was normal  I didn’t know I was even being treated differently I had always been the  pivot man in my so called circle and still am  I guess if the fat chick makes you laugh your in . I was always popular threes not a stranger in my life which now at my weight gets me into trouble at 321 I was safe but now every guy thinks a smile is an invitation they don’t  even care I’m married and the woman are catty when did this happen :?   that I don’t like but I whip them in to place with my sharp tongue that has stayed strong through out and sense of humor helps loads seriously  I’ve  never lost the ability to laugh I’ve just changed genres now I’m not the butt of every joke  I tell only now only  every other  one. I do lobotomy jokes instead of fat jokes. Gotta work with what you got.


Ok enough now its my two year anny and i’m 145 pounds and in a solid size six  I still ride my bike I’ve gotten my drivers license back I surrendered them seven years ago Hubby bought me the cutest little car now I’ve found Indepence  It’s a  is golden an opportunity I’ll never take for granted .  I find that I don’t have enough hours in the day to do all my heart desires but Lord let me tell you I sure give it a good college try. God may have closed a door on me in 1999 but he certainly  opened every window  for me in 2005 with this procedure yes I’d do it again in fact I’d perform it on myself if I had no choice . No I don’t just play a doctor on TV I’m one in my own mind too.  Thank you for putting up with my silliness and I hope anyone going through this has as much luck with it as I have. LIVE WELL LAUGH OFTEN LOVE MUCH  



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