I had Bariatric surgery on 02/09/2005, since then I've lost almost 180 lbs.  Three months after surgery I suffered life threatening complications which put in the hospital for 10 days with a bowel obstruction.  I still have a partial obstruction, but I've learned how to live with it.  My diet consist mostly of oatmeal, stringcheese, salads, soups, fruits and protein.  However, in order to maintain the current weight (not losing more) I eat dry granola throughout the day.

On 10/27/2006, I'll be doing my preops for the panniculectomy (removal of the excess skin around the waist).  Fortunately, I did not end up with a significant panni, but looking at what is left reminds me of what I used to be.  Further,  the excess skin gives me rashes inside my belly buttom and in other areas as well.  My surgery is scheduled for 11/01/2006 at Kaiser West L.A..  I am planning to post some before and after pictures, they may be a little graphic (NO NUDITY), but it is the only way to justify the work to be done and what is ultimately accomplished at the end.

I consider myself blessed for being a part of this wonderful group of people.  You and I share the same goals which is to lose weight and keep it off once the surgery is done.   Using this newfound tool is difficult because you still crave those things that made you overweight.  However, the consequences are far worst than the sacrifices you and I have to make everyday in order to make the tool work for us.  I am pleased with the results, my only regret is not to have done it sooner.

Well it is 2014 and I am weighting 265 pounds.  Now I have to go back to dieting to lose most if not all of the weight I gained. 

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