Sep 18, 2009

Its almost been a year since I posted last.  No excuse.  Still weigh in the 195 range.  Feel amazing and I can do anything!  Its nice to fit into clothes for more than just 6 months.  WOW....What a wonderful thing I did for myself!!


Nov 17, 2008

So I was in Atlanta last weekend and stepped on a scale.   Low and behold,  I lost another ten lbs.   ??????????????????  Surgeon already told me that my body would level off where it wants to.  Im not going to worry about it.

Still not done

Nov 04, 2008

Lost another 3 lbs.  I guess my body will stop when its damn good and ready.  I have upped my carbs and protien intake to a level where I no longer need protien shakes.  I feel and look great.

Think Im done

Sep 12, 2008

It seems that I have leveled out at 203lbs.   Thats a total loss of 178lbs.  My one year comes up in about a month.  Not sure how I will celebrate.  Maybe some crackers. 


Jun 30, 2008

I finally took some pics of me at goal, or actually below goal.  I feel great and love the new me.  I just thought that I would share.  Thank you to everyone that has given me advice during this 8 month ordeal.  I would do it over again in a heartbeat!!!


Almost there

May 06, 2008

So today is weekly weigh in day.  This past week I ate quite a bit more than usual.  I was very active but structured exercise was at a bare minimum.  So while on my way to the Dr office where I weigh myself I was dreading the outcome.  Over the past few weeks I have enjoyed a steady 2 to 3 pound loss per week.  Imagine my shock to see 6lbs gone.  Thats right.  I lost 6 pounds in 7 days.  Now in the beginning of this process for me it was not uncommon to lose that amount in a week.  At one point it would have been disappointing to only lose 6lbs.  However I am less than 20lbs to goal.  This is suposed to be the pounds that you have to work to lose.  So as of this morning I am officially 14lbs from my goal.

To date    
Down 12 pants sizes
From a 5XL shirt to just XL
From 381lbs to 234 lbs
All this in just over 6 months.

Funniest Video EVER!!!!!

Mar 10, 2008

Weigh in day

Mar 03, 2008

Today it looks like I have come out of my stall.   Last time I weighed in 7 days ago I was 274.  Today I was 266.  Do the math......8lbs in 7 days.  For those that are wondering what I am doing I have no answer.  I ate lots of pistachios and almonds last week.  I had some ham and beef also.  To be brutally honest with you I felt like I ate too much over the past week.  I was ready for a 1lb loss or even a break even number.  I was not expecting this.  Something else that I have recently done is add lots of coffee to my diet.  I found a new creamer that is amazing.  Its sugar free vanilla caramel.  Wait a sec I guess that I have been drinking lots more lately also.  I tried an off brand of lemonade.  Its a knock off of crystal lite and I love it.  Same numbers on the side of the can.  Zero calories etc......
All for now

Long walk

Feb 25, 2008

Today I walked my ass off.  5 miles.  Never since boot camp have I voluntarily walked 5 miles.  Good for Paul.


Jan 16, 2008

Well I lost 2 lbs in 24 hrs to bring be to 299lbs today.  I can't remember when I weighed under 300.  I am so happy!!!!!  I feel almost obligated to give the credit to Dr. VerSteeg,  but it was me that went to him.  I saved my own life.  His skills allowed me to get here.  Big day!!!!

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