Apr 10, 2007

Well, it wasn't a sinus infection.  i spent 4 days in the hospital with fluid on my lungs casused by a ruptured spleen.  Poor Dr. Tompkins was so worried, he accidently pinched my spleen during surgery and it was swollen which pushed on my diaphram which let fluid into my lungs.  That wasn't so bad as being dehydrated and them trying to find a vien to put an i/v.  after several days, Dr. Thorinson came in and we decided to "tap" my lung. which was to drain the fluid off.  It was fine and i lost 6 lbs. right then.  I have had a terrible time trying to exercise because of lack of oxygen. but i have managed to lose 45 lbs. todate.  I went to see dr. tompkins today and he informed me that i not only had about the same amount of fluid on my lungs but i also had 2 cysts on my kidneys and one on my liver.  He didn't seem to concerned about the cysts but i'm really worried.  i go see dr. Thorinson on thursday and hopefully he will do something more about the fluid.  i see tompkins in a month after i have some blood work done.  i'll try to keep up on everything better.     

im home and feeling good

Jan 28, 2007

hi, i came home late wed. evening and everything went fine.  he said no suprises, which is what i wanted.  so far everything is good.  started the protien shakes, but haveing hard time fitting 3 in a day just yet.  i'm still sleeping alot.  i started running a fever of 101 today but called the hospital and they said to keep on tylenol and see, i don't have any pain in my areas and my stiches look great.  the big thing for me is i want to chew  something.  but thats several weeks away right now.  how do you all handle that craving?   tomm. i'm going to start getting up and walking more, i'm killing my husband having him running for my water, ice, and other liquids.  i hope to see dr. tompkins on feb 8 is my 2 week checkup.  i'll let you know how everything is.  

the night before surgery

Jan 21, 2007

well, it's sunday nite and i'm getting ready for tomm.  i've done my pills and drank my yucky stuff, shaved my legs and got my bag ready.  i really don't think i'm that nervous, but very excited.  i understand that kings daughters has internet in the rooms, i will post again as soon as im able.  keep me in your prayers and i will be thinking of all those that have gone before me and the ones waiting to go after me.  this will be a great adventure into a land of weight control i have never been in berfore.  
thanks for all the prayers, 

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im home and feeling good
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