Hello all.  I have been over weight most of my life.  Of course I have the sister that has never had a problem with hers (doesn't that suck?).  I have tried, seems like, everything under the sun plus more.  Have lost some weight, but when you try to maintain, it seems like the fat becomes human and says, "hey, she's having a welcome home party and said to invite friends." because usually it's gain back what you've lost and gain extra too. 

I have two children.  My son is 11 and my daughter is 8.  Of course since mom is over weight so are the kids.  My daughter wrestles in Jr wrestling in the 8 and under bracket but at heavyweight (120 max), and she's on the top end, over 4 lbs.  My son is probably about the right weight for the height and build that he should be.  But it bothers me to hear all the things that are said to them because I've been through it all.

I have been approved by my insurance and right now just waiting for a date.  I hope I get it soon so I can start making plans. 


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