Whoa...I haven't updated in sooo long

Feb 27, 2008

It has been almost a year and i am weighing in at 175lb....down 123.5 lbs...I feel great....I weigh now what I did when I was a freshman in high school....who can say that these days....Everybody says that I look like I did when I was a teenager....that makes me feel great....skin issues are coming up....my arms are pretty gross and my stomach is not the greatest...I thought my boobs wold be terrible but the aren't so thats good....my little sis who's 13 gave me a piggy back ride and I thought now this is something!!!! Never have I ever had a piggy back ride!

I'm down 110 lbs!

Nov 27, 2007

I can't believe it's been just 8 months........this has been a blessing!

Down 90 lbs

Aug 24, 2007

Well school starts on Monday and I've lost 90 lbs....Yesterday was open house and some of my former students came back and said "wow Miss Learn you look so good" ....Needless to say I had a cheesy grin on my face and smiled all night long!

Down 70lbs

Jul 01, 2007

I'm now down 70 lbs and feel great.  Somebody at church noticed this morning.....she said, "wow you look good have you lost weight?"  yes I said, 70lbs...her eyes bulged out of her head....wow what are you doing....."lots of diet and tons of exercise"...still don't find it necessary to tell everybody that I've had surgery!  It felt good that someone noticed who didn't know I had surgery!  I haven't bought alot of clothes just a few things here and there...however my new hobby is going into stores and just trying things on for fun....yes I'm a dork and truly I'm ok with this....I've never had so much fun trying on clothes before....Till next time!

Weekly weigh in

Jun 28, 2007

3/12/07            298.4
3/17/07            289.8         
3/25/07            278.4
4/1/07               278.5
4/14/07            267.5
4/21/07            265.5
4/28/07            262.0
5/5/07              259.0
5/12/07            251.0
5/19/07            250.5
5/26/07            245.0
6/2/07              244.0
6/9/07              237.0
6/15/07            235.0
6/22/07            233.0
6/28/07            228.0
8/24/07            209.0

My students rock!

May 30, 2007

My kids did really well on the End of Grade tests!  I only had two who didn't pass and they are retesting tomorrow so I'll see how they did.....I am so happy with them!  I'm down 54 lbs...Went to Charlotte last weekend for the NASCAR race.....never-will-I-ever do that again.  I hate NASCAR!  BORING and stupid.  On another note one of my students said "wow you really look good...how much weight have you lost?"  This is the first student who has noticed or at least said something to me! 

I'm Down 50 lbs!

May 22, 2007

I have finally lost 50 lbs...woohooo!   I am so excited! I had a coworker today say, "wow you are wasting away" my reply of course was "yeah right....I wish!"  But it is nice that people are noticing that I have been losing weight....Unfortunately they all knew I was having the surgery because my principal announced at a faculty meeting without my consent.  So needless to say I have noticed people checking me out and watching me and seeing what I eat.  Very frustrating!  Regardless I am thrilled and can't wait for the summer! Only 2 more weeks until school is out! Another WOoohooo!

2 months down the rest of my life to go

May 15, 2007


Ok so I started this journey on March 14th 2007.  Things have been pretty easy since...you know I never realized how much better my life was going to be after I had surgery!  Its kind of crazy and incredibly worth it.  I really wanted to lose 50 lbs by my 2 month surgeversary but it didn't happen...I lost 47 lbs instead....hey I'll take 47 lbs anyday.  I know I tried and did my best and walked/ran my butt off.

This time of year is really stressful for me as a teacher...End of Grade tests are next week and I'm questioning myself as a teacher...did I review enough?....are they prepared?.....did I do the best that I could?...and then I realized that I'm ot running to food for comfort and that makes me happy!  Yes I'm sure my kids will be fine and I know now that I will be fine too.

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I'm Down 50 lbs!
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