RE: Update from my Endoscopy

Apr 02, 2009

Hello OH,

As I stated earlier today I was very sick and could not hold anything on my stomach, including water, so I had to have a scope done.  I went to Little Company of Mary Hospital  with the Dx of Dysphagia.  For weeks I felt like something was wrong because everytime I eat something solid it would come back up.  I usually follow my first mind and when my body tells me something is wrong I normally listen to it.  I am so glad I finally listen to my own heart and got it checked out, because my suspensions were correct, I had  Anastamosis Stricture.

Once I was put to sleep the GI Dr. could not get the endoscope to pass threw so it was dilated with a 10fr ballon. Once I woke up in recovery, for the 1st time since my surgery I was able to drink a cup of anything without it being uncomfortable. I feel so blessed to have this over.

Even with the trouble I had, I wouldn't change a thing about my surgery. I am still groggy from the meds so I am going to lay down. I will post again tomorrow to let you all know how I am doing...