almost 18 months post-op

Oct 27, 2010

 Quickie! Just wanted to let everyone know i am alive and kicking!

11 months

Apr 28, 2010

 I missed a 10 month post and am late on my 11 month post. Damn I should not have said I was gonna make one a month, that totally sabotaged me! I am good. Just got back from the Savannah Meet and Greet! It totally rocked. I met my other half Jessica in Myrtle Beach and that was quite possibly the best 2 days ever! WOW this whole past week rocked! I love my wls community! May 12th will be 1 year for me. I thought I'd have hit under 200 by then but maybe not. At this point I am thrilled to be under 210!! I will make it there eventually and please don't comment negatively, but I have been successfull regardless!! I have lost 161 lbs. so far! Now if I could just find a protein I like!

9 months post RNY

Feb 16, 2010

Hi everyone,
I am now 9 months post op. I am going to try to do an entry at least once a month for 2010. So here goes entry number 2!!
I am 221 lbs today but I waver between 225 and 221. Depends really on the time of day and the mood as to where I weigh for that day.

I have updated my "writen journal" titled Along the weigh. I have the PDF of this journal that I received from one of my online support groups if anyone would like it PM me with an email addy and I will be happy to share it. It is like 150 pages long and has pre and post surgery info, feelings, thoughts, diet past exercise attempts. All stuff most of us have journaled online, but I wanted a written copy as well for my family. And I can put alot more things on paper when I know noone but me and my family will read it. LOL

Well all that aside, I started my journey at the feather light weight of 368.7 lbs. I remember being 303. That was three days before I gave birth to my son in 2002. After that I kinda shut off my weight sensor. I knew I was buying bigger clothes but refused to acknowledge the actually number on the scale. I know when I cried myself to sleep I cried grease.

I don't miss that person, but I will never forget her. I am still obese, I still qualify for surgery, but I am 147 lbs lighter now. WOW 147 lbs. that really puts in into perspective. I have lost the equivilant of a 5'6" woman. AND I AM STILL FAT!!! I feel better, and more confident. MORE everything. But I have a long way to go. I really only have another 21 lbs. to go til my own goal, but I have a life time of accepting the body of me..
People say OMG you have to feel better, and don't get me wrong, I DO, but when I look in the mirror I still see "me". The same me I have always seen. Not fat, not thin, not ugly, not The person I am and always have been. People never could ignore me. I refused to allow that to happen, but they look at me different now. I am still me people. I have the same loud, opinionated "look at me" personality, but I guess in a smaller frame I am more accepted. I hate that, I accept it, but hate it still.

So enough about the blah blah blah...I am getting healthy. I exercise...wait...currently I am on medical restrictions which prevent the gym but that won't last forever. ..I was until I got hurt.. there everyday. I miss it (cannot believe I just said i miss the gym ) I am actively enjoying being a mom. I am in cubscouts with my son and planning things I never would have considered last year. I can't wait til it warms up so I can go to Cedar Point and actually ride the rides not hold everybodies shit while they ride!!!!

Bring on the summer! Winter sucks and I need to get out of pain, I wonder if this pain in my back has a lot to do with the cold weather! I live in Ohio I should be used to it. I HATE IT!! I bought my first dress in ohh lets see, EVER. The last dress I owned my mom bought me in elementary school. I wore pants for my wedding! Black slacks with a beautiful white sequined top. Matching head piece. BUT NO DRESS!!

ok  I  need to shut up! tIL NEXT MONTH!


Jan 01, 2010

Just wanted to wish you all a very Happy New Year! I am starting off 2010 @ 233...awesome! down from 368.7down 135.7...woohoo

First 100 lbs lost

Sep 06, 2009

I am so excited. I am down 101 lbs Since January 1, 2009...thats 63 lbs since the morning of surgery 5-12-09...I can't say its gone forever but i can say...a work in progress...I know theres a chance I could gain it back and If I say gone forever and do gain some back then reread this I will be very depressed.
BUT I am going to TRY my ass change the way I think and feelabout my relationship with FOOD. I am unfortuneately able to eat ALOT of things I shouldn't. SOOOO  now I need to remember to LOG it all. Accountability goes a long way for me. As MM says if u see it in adds up quick. If I don't keep track I don't realize how much I am consumeing...
I think it has a lot to do with who does your surgery also. Me and my friend had surgery the same day same surgery different states, but hers is A whole hell of a lot more restricted than mine. I came home able to kill a 20oz bottle of water in half an hour or less. She is just working on 8oz an hour. I also have no dairy issues. I drink milk like be4 surgery (I don't but I know I can) She cannot drink any!

I know I am still honeymoon period so I am getting this in check now. Cuz this wave doesn't last forever. I am laid off all this coming week so I will be exerciseing more. I have no muscle left which sux. And I go Tues to get some tests done on why my bones are hurting. I am post menopause thanks to a hysterectomy in 2006 so my calcium absorbtion was already crap be4 wls but its worse now. I am working on trying to find out a good list of blood labs to have done reguarly and where the levels should fall so I can track them as well. My doc only does a few and I believe there are prolly more I should be watching...
Other then that stuff...I am doing well. I still have a job, (all be it slow at work right now..) side note***Eat Heinz products (job security)***my family is able to celebrate the Labor day holiday together...and my children are healthy...I am better off than alot are this holiday. And I thank God for all that he has given me.


Aug 19, 2009

OK so I believe in the begining of my blog here, I wrote how I was attending CURVES to help with my exercise portion. Well on March 11, 2009 they did an assesment...weight body fat, bmi and measured my arms bust tihghs, calfs, and arms.
Well yesterday I finally had them do a follow up...
My weight has changed 67lbs
my total body fat is down 5% from 50 to 45
I have lost 52.5 inches total.......!!!!
I was so friggin amazed.
That made todays work out that much better. Helped my determination as well.
I have only lost like 6 lbs this month so now I am more determined. And I also need to remember that muscle weighs more than fat so as i build my muscle back up, I may not change much in weight to start but inches still come off!!!!!!


Aug 06, 2009

It has been entirely too long since I updated.
My stats are as follows

Starting weight Janurary 1, 2009  ~ 368.7

Presurgical weight  May 12, 2009 ~ 330

Current weight (drum roll please) ~ 282

down a total of  86.7 lbs since January
down 48 since surgery

I lost a small human! LMAO

OK what I am discovering is that I really don't know how to cook HEALTHY. I can cook but not meal plan. I go to the store and buy whatever I am going to make right then. I NEED TO FIX THIS!! Any ideas?!?!
I can eat almost anything I want so I really am learning to measure twice and eat once. I am learning to control my brain. Somewhat! I HATE protein. Can't even stand the smell of most of them anymore. I am trying with Chike but even that has slowed down. I am not real good at eating most meats. I can do hamburger ok in small quantities. I hate getting sick, which I was doing alot of. Mostly cuz I wasn't measureing what I ate. ( BAD SHAWNA>>>BAD!!) Old habits die hard, BUT they do DIE DAMN IT! I will bludgin them to death!! I need to get some good meal ideas....ANYONE!!?? 
OK SO thats my update!
I am on facebook and myspace as well! If your morecomfortable emailing me your ideas
[email protected]

any and ALL ideas welcome. Thanks in advance!!
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Surgery recovery update

May 16, 2009

Surgery was on Tuesday the 12th. I woke up off and on Tuesday. Wed when I triedto get up I hurt badly, but my nurses kept pumping me with pain meds,(I had the pain pump...but that wasn't workin really well.) cuz I shouldn't have been hurting that bad, I just kept thinking God I hope this gets easier. Well Dr came in that  evening  and realeased some on the pressure caused from my jp tube, it helped some but I was still rather sore holding my lower left side...and still needing pain meds, so doc came in early on thursday and pulled my left sidejp tube. I laid in bed another half a hour, i was kinda worried that one little tube could've caused all that pain, so i finally called the nurse in and asked her to help me get up...GUESS WHAT>>>>>NO PAIN!!  that was sooooo cooollll!!! So any how he took my other drain out  (friday) and released me @ 10:30am So I am home and doing   great, walking and sipping . SIP SIP SIP i am not hungry nor am i thirsty! but I think about sipping. Thanks for prayers.   


May 09, 2009

I have been looking at the magic bullet for many months now. It looks wonderful. I have been tempted to call and order during the infomercials on T.V. Not just since surgery either, I like a good smoothie, and milkshakes always rock. My daughter just surprised me with one for Mothers day!! HOW FIGGIN AWESOME!!!

~~~ I looked at theprice tag and could sooo find a million other things to spend 60 bucks on. Especially since I do own a blender,  just not one as cool as the "magic bullet"

~~ the beniefits of destroying my body 19 years ago!!
who'd a thunk it!!

SURGERY IN 3 DAYS!!! I requested and "angel" from this site 3 weeks ago and again last week to no avail, but you know what. God has already sent me an angel, my lost baby. I dreamt of her last night , that she was watching over me. And then I felt Gods warmth wrap around me,and I woke in the best mood in a long time.

Liquid Diet 4/28/09

Apr 25, 2009

OK so I am freaking out about this whole liquid stage. After surgery seems like it should be easy...but right now its not feeling easy to me. I keep wondering how to maintain my energy for work if I am not consuming food? I will ask my Dr. on the 29th , but i start the day before my appt. ewwww...this don't seem right. Oh well guess i say a prayer and try to prepare mentally for it. Wear a sign around my neck that says  "please don't feed the fat chic!!"
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